Amazon Prime DOWN: Video TV streaming hit with ‘PLR_PRS_CALL_FAILED’ errors

Amazon Prime DOWN: Video TV streaming hit with 'PLR_PRS_CALL_FAILED' errorsAMAZON

Amazon Prime DOWN: Video TV streaming hit with 'PLR_PRS_CALL_FAILED' errors

Amazon Prime Video is suffering outages at the moment with hundreds of users reporting issues on Down Detector.

It appears that the TV and Film streaming video platform started experiencing issues around 11am GMT this morning, with hundreds more users unable to access it in the hours that followed..

Independent website Down Detector has received hundreds of reports that Amazon Prime is struggling with access to its servers.

The outage tracker monitors social mentions around certain topics to detect when services go down across the world.

At it's peak and most recently the site was showing over 200 reports of the service not working.

A whopping 83 per cent of users were experiencing problems simply streaming on Amazon. While a further 16 per cent has complained of issues logging in.

The Down Detector outage map is showing issues across the UK and some parts of Europe.

On Twitter though, it's a different story, with users complaining of one very specific error message.

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On Twitter, Amazon Prime users have also taken to the social networking site to voice their frustration at the outage and a lot of them are all reporting seeing the error message, 'PLR_PRS_CALL_FAILED error'

One user tweeted: “@AmazonHelp your amazon prime video is down in the uk, error code PLR_PRS_CALL_FAILED. Down now for an hour. What about an update amazon”

While another posted: “@AmazonHelp is Amazon Prime Video down? I get error code: PLR PRS CALL FAILED when trying to watch @DowntonAbbey. It says verify devices internet connection. I've reset both fire stick and sky box but it's still not working. Both @Channel4 and @NetflixUK's apps work."

It's currently unclear what is causing the issues but Amazon's support accont on Twitter has responded to some complaints online, with the most recent reply saying:

"We apologize for the inconvenience, we’re aware of this and have reported it internally. We request for your patience and understanding"

Stay tuned for updated.

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