Martin Lewis sets out demands to Facebook ahead of court action

Money guru Martin Lewis has said he will settle his legal action against Facebook if the social networking site meets his demands.

Following a meeting with senior Facebook executives at the company's London offices, Lewis took to social media to say he was "hopeful" that the situation could be resolved.

"I don't particularly want my day in court for the defamation lawsuit," he said in a video posted to Twitter and Facebook. "I've clearly been defamed but I've always said if I won in court I would give the money away anyway and what I really want is to stop scam ads and help those people."

He said he wanted Facebook to crack down on scams using famous names to lure in marks, and for the tech giant to help vulnerable people who have fallen for the cons.

Lewis is just one of a range of well-known faces used by scammers in fake adverts which have appeared online.

He is suing Facebook for defamation, after the false adverts featuring him appeared on the site.

Earlier today he demanded that Facebook set up a "proactive system" to prevent fake ads featuring public figures.

"If it refuses to do this to my satisfaction, I will continue to court – where I believe a judge will rightly agree that Ive been defamed, and that Facebook is a publisher of those defamatory ads.”

According to Lewis, Facebook's leadership is now considering what can be done.

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