This is when new dessert restaurant Creams is opening in Cambridge

If you've got a sweet tooth or partial to the odd sugar hit, then you might want to sit down – because you might not be able to handle this news.

Brand new desserts-only restaurant Creams Cafe will be opening in Cambridge Leisure Park on July 15.

It has taken over the former Moza Indian Buffet site, making it an ideal post-cinema snack.

Pictures have shown how far the restaurant has come along, with the purple sign and sofas already on display.

The franchise has parlours all over the UK and has proved popular elsewhere.

Similar restaurants have been storming big cities across the UK in recent years with decadent desserts making a name for themselves on social media- especially Instagram.

However this will be a first for Cambridge and we cannot wait.

If you havent checked it out already heres an insight into what the menu will look like.

*unbuttons jeans*

The chocolate orange melt (Image: Strawberry Toffee Waffle)

Sundaes include – Very Cherry Jubilee, Oreo Overload, Bubblelicious, Rocher Royale, Caramel and Toffee Retreat, Hot N Cold Chocolate Fudge Volcano, Totally Minted and The Creams Knickerbocker Glory

Crepes include – Peach Perfect, Banoffee, Salted Caramel with Banana and Nuts, Crepe-au-Tella, Strawberries and Cream, Milk Chocolate Wonder and Raspberry and White Chocolate.

Creams in the Leisure Park

Freakshakes include – Cookie-A-Dough Go!, Berries, Mallows and Creams – Oh My!, Moch-a-Freak-gato, Triple Banoffee Explosion, The Choctastic Nutty Freakshow and The SMor-e-Oreo.

Hot Oreo Heaven (Image: Creams)

Milkshakes include – Kinder Bueno, Crunchie, Oreo Cookies, After Eight, Skittles, Snickers, Ferrero Rocher and Smarties.

Waffles include – The Chocoholic, Chocolate Fudge Mess, Oreos on Mine, Strawberry Choc Indulgence, White Choc Blizzard and Apple Crumbled.

Bubble Pop Waffles include – Utterly Nuts, Sweet Shop, Ultimate Chocolate, More Oreo and Banoffle Crunch.

Gelato include – Chocolate Fudge Brown, Bubblegum Pink, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Double Nut, Choc N Hazelnut, Maltesers, Raspberry Ripple, Cherry, Pistachio and Cookie Dough.

Puddings include – Chocolate Volcano, Cheesecake Disco, Sticky Toffee Heaven, Choco Crunch, Pecan Pie Deluxe, Angelic Sponge and Apple Pie in the Sky.

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