Press release: PM meeting with the automotive sector: 1 November 2017

A Downing Street spokesman said:

This afternoon the Prime Minister chaired a meeting of senior executives from the UK and European automotive sector at Downing Street.

At the meeting the Prime Minister highlighted the success of the UK’s sector, noting that we are the third largest producer in Europe and the most productive of its big car manufacturers.

The opportunities presented by the transition to low-emission vehicles, the internet of things and wider developments in manufacturing technologies were discussed, and the role of the Industrial Strategy in making sure the UK is at the forefront of these developments was pressed.

Brexit, the challenges it presents and the priorities for industry were also discussed. The business representatives highlighted the importance of quick and seamless access to international suppliers as well being able to access the talent they need.

The Prime Minister and the Business Secretary reiterated the government’s aim for an ambitious economic partnership with the EU, as well as an implementation period that ensures businesses only have to adapt to one set of changes. The also agreed the need for continued engagement with the sector.

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