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Sheen ‘categorically denies’ raping Corey Haim

Charlie Sheen has reportedly denied allegations that he sexually assaulted his co-star Corey Haim du..

By admin , in USA , at November 10, 2017

Charlie Sheen has reportedly denied allegations that he sexually assaulted his co-star Corey Haim during work on the film Lucas.

The former Two And A Half Men star was 19 when he appeared with a 13-year-old Haim in the 1986 film.

"Charlie Sheen categorically denies these allegations," a representative for the actor told The Hollywood Reporter.

The accusations against Sheen were made by a close friend of Haim in the National Enquirer.

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Image:Corey Haim (left) with Corey Feldman in The Lost Boys

Actor Dominick Brascia said that Haim told him that he had sex with Sheen when filming Lucas.

"He told me they smoked pot and had sex. He said they had anal sex," he told the magazine.

Bascia also said that the two actors had sex again years later.

This is not the first time close friends of Haim, who passed away in 2010 aged just 38, have alleged he was sexually abused as a child.

In 2013, another former child actor, Corey Feldman, said that both he and Haim had been abused by people in the industry.

The two actors previously worked together on the 1987 film The Lost Boys.

Nathan Forrest Winters grab
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Feldman has since vowed to expose at least six men involved in a Hollywood "paedophile ring".

On Tuesday he said he had informed the Los Angeles Police Department of the names of the "very powerful" men who abused him.

The LAPD has since confirmed that it is investigating a report filed by Feldman.

Other former child actors have also spoken out about the sexual abuse they received in Hollywood, in the wake of the Weinstein scandal.

Nathan Forrest Winters and Todd Bridges both told Sky News that they were sexually abused when they were children.

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