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Guess which Christmas sandwich we couldn’t eat in this year’s taste test

We set off into the City to gather festive sandwiches from supermarkets and fast food chains far and..

By admin , in Life , at November 15, 2017

We set off into the City to gather festive sandwiches from supermarkets and fast food chains far and wide to see which of them is worthy of Santa himself, and which were a nightmare before Christmas.

Turkey and cranberry sandwich

Tastes alright, but nothing to write to Santa about. Solid fillings, pleasantly sweet but let down a bit by thin, soggy bread.

Turkey, bacon, cranberry sandwich

A different class of sandwich, for an equally classy price. Served warm with deli-standard meat, stuffing, spinach and cranberry. While ciabatta bread is decidedly unChristmassy, replacing mayo with mustard is a masterstroke. Will not disappoint.

Turkey with pigs under blankets sandwich

If you scoff in the face of spinach, this is the Christmas sandwich for you. A lot of sandwich – and meat – for your money and it isn’t half bad. It could cut down on the mayo, but overall, much more pleasant than it looks. It looks pretty awful.

Turkey and trimmings Healthy Living sandwich

The cheapest sandwich of the pack, but certainly not the worst. There isn’t very much of it, however: a scraping of cranberry, a smattering of spinach and a couple of wafer-thin turkey slices. Festive sure, but not a feast.

Marks and Spencer
Turkey feast sandwich

One for the gluten-frees, this was also entirely free of flavour and joy. Mealy and soggy, it was basically like eating foam.

Turkey, stuffing and redcurrant Shapers sandwich

​Boots’ Shapers sandwich probably will help you lose weight this Christmas by putting you off all food. As you approach it, it gives off an acidic aroma and tastes like it’s been bathed in vinegar. Inedible.

Pret a Manger
Christmas Lunch Sandwich

Out of all the sandwiches we tried, this one tasted the most like Christmas. And by that we mean, actual turkey, moist stuffing and firm bread. Pret, you haven’t let us down.

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