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Pregnant girlfriend put burning babygrow through ex’s letterbox when she got dumped

Kasey Lee Schembri was pregnant at the time (Picture: Wales News Service)
A woman set fire to her bo..

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Pregnant girlfriend put burning babygrow through ex's letterbox when she got dumped
Kasey Lee Schembri was pregnant at the time (Picture: Wales News Service)

A woman set fire to her boyfriend’s flat after she got dumped on Valentine’s Day.

Kasey Lee Schembri, 21, who was pregnant with her partner’s child at the time, did not take too kindly to being told to leave the home in Falcon Drive, Cardiff Bay.

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She claimed her boyfriend had also told her he was not interested in being in the child’s life.

Schembri then decided to ignite a babygrow and stuff it through the letterbox, which started a fire.

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Pregnant girlfriend threw a burning babygrow through her boyfriend's letterbox when he dumped her
She gave birth in prison after admitting arson (Picture: Wales News Service)

Schembri’s boyfriend returned home to find smoke coming from under the front door and was unable to gain entry to his flat because a key had been broken off in the lock.

He eventually managed to break down the door, with the help of a neighbour, and put out the fire before any serious damage was caused.

Schembri pleaded guilty to arson and was initially jailed for 26 months, which was reduced to 20 months on appeal after the sentence was deemed ‘excessive’.

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She will now be free by Christmas and will be able to celebrate with her baby who she gave birth to while inside Eastwood Park Prison.

‘This was somebody who, perhaps unusually, had had great punishment already,’ her barrister Matthew Roberts said.

‘She is absolutely desperate to be reunited with her new child and to put this matter behind her.

‘Given her young age this is a lady the court should keep in mind the goal of rehabilitating.’

Schembri was only able to see her child for two hours each week when she was in prison.

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