Ruined, but Johnsons dry cleaner only offered me half the cost of ‘priceless’ wedding dress

I spent £250 to have it cleaned and boxed to save it forever, but it was damaged front and back

I sent my designer wedding dress to Johnsons dry cleaners/Timpson for a post-wedding clean which cost £250 – but it’s now unwearable with chemical discolouration to the front and back.

I had bought it for £2,300 in a sample sale and paid £175 for alterations. I sent the company these receipts. Firstly, I did not receive an apology. Then it offered 50% of the cost as, according to correspondence, the “dress’s primary purpose has been fulfilled”. That is not the point. It has huge sentimental value and I may pass it on to my children which is why I had it cleaned and boxed for protection.

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