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Journalism Schools Rescind Awards Given To Charlie Rose In Wake Of Sexual Misconduct Accusations — Update


UPDATED 4:45 PM PT: Shortly after the Cronkite School at ASU announced that they h..

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UPDATED 4:45 PM PT: Shortly after the Cronkite School at ASU announced that they have rescinded Rose’s Excellence in Journalism given to him in 2015, the University of Kansas’ School of Journalism announced that they would revoke Rose’s White National Citation Award that he receive earlier this year.

The William Allen White Foundation Board of Trustees made the announcement today, according to the AP.

EARLIER: The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University has announced Friday that they have decided to revoke an award given to Charlie Rose following the sexual misconduct allegations brought against him.

Christopher Callahan, founding Dean and Professor made the announcement that the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism given to Charlie Rose in 2015 has been rescinded. Callahan says that they are not trying to “rewrite history.” He points out: “The fact is this award was given to Mr. Rose in 2015. But we think the message is important – to our current students, past students, future students, and all of journalism. And that is why we are taking this unprecedented action today.”

He goes into detail in regards to the decision citing that the damage goes beyond news organizations for which he has worked and how it affects women in the industry and Cronkite student. “In rescinding this award, we hope to send an unequivocal message that what Mr. Rose did is unacceptable and that such behavior – far too common in not just media companies but many organizations – must stop,” he said.

He concludes by taking full responsibility for the rescinding of the award, saying, “Please know that while many voices were heard in discussions throughout week, this is a decision by the dean, and therefore any criticism of the decision, or the decision-making process, should be directed exclusively toward me.”

Rose was fired by CBS on Tuesday and PBS canceled his long-running talk show in the wake of a Washington Post report detailing his unwanted sexual advances and misconduct involving eight women.

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