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German Police Failed to Notice Picture of Migrant Holding Gun Who Went On To Kill At Christmas Market


byBreitbart London27 Nov 20170

27 Nov, 201727 Nov, 2017

BERLIN (AP) – German authorities say ..

By admin , in London , at November 27, 2017


byBreitbart London27 Nov 20170

BERLIN (AP) – German authorities say investigators somehow didn’t spot a photo of a Tunisian terrorist suspect holding a firearm when evaluating data on his cell phone, months before he killed a dozen people in a truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market.

North Rhine-Westphalia’s interior minister Herbert Reul said Monday the phone was confiscated during a police spot-check in Berlin in February, 2016, and 12,000 media files were sent to investigators in his state, where the suspect was living.

One file was a photo showing Anis Amri with a firearm. Reul called for a review of police procedures to “avoid such mistakes in the future.”

Public inquiries and German media have uncovered a series of mistakes by security agencies in tracking a man who authorities suspected posed a public threat.

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