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Facing DGA Expulsion, Harvey Weinstein Resigns His Membership

UPDATED with DGA statement and details:Harvey Weinstein, who was facing expulsion from the Directors..

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UPDATED with DGA statement and details:Harvey Weinstein, who was facing expulsion from the Directors Guild of America, has resigned his membership — as he did with the Producers Guild last month.

On Friday, the disgraced producer was listed as a DGA member on the guild’s website. Checking today, Deadline found he is no longer listed as a member. Contacted by Deadline, the DGA said in a terse statement, “Harvey Weinstein has resigned his membership.”

Last month the DGA announced that it had broken with tradition and revealed that charges had been brought against Weinstein and that he was facing expulsion. “The DGA has a long-standing practice of not commenting on internal union matters, but has decided to make an exception in this case to acknowledge the filing of charges,” DGA president Thomas Schlamme said in a statement last month.

Weinstein, who has been accused of sexually harassing, assaulting or raping more than 40 women, has over 300 producing credits but only two directing credits, both from the 1980s. He’s already been expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and proceedings have also begun to kick him out of the TV Academy and the Producers Guild.

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Bill Cosby, who’s still facing criminal charges that he drugged and raped numerous women, is still a DGA member, although it’s unclear if the DGA plans to take steps to expel him.

Victor Salva is also a member. In 1988, he was convicted of oral copulation with the 12-year-old star of Clownhouse, his first feature film, and he served 19 months of a three-year sentence. He also pleaded guilty to lewd and lascivious conduct and of procuring a child for pornography. After his release from prison, he went on to direct such films as Powder, Jeepers Creepers, and Jeepers Creepers II.

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