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Qatar allows migrant workers “Unions” and “Syndicates”

Qatar Government has adopted new draft resolution which will allow workers to have unions and syndicates, The new Qatar move will be a landmark across the GCC countries. Traditionally, GCC countries are not friendly when it comes to migrant workers.

Qatar National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) as well as and representatives of the private sector welcomed what they described as the bold decision taken by the Qatari government which will allow workers to form joint committees elected by them to defend their rights and benefits.

The National Committee stated that the decision of the Qatari government is for the benefit of workers and will make it almost impossible for those who always seek to discredit Qatar in this area continue its smearing.

In the same context, the Director of Legal Affairs at the Committee Abdullah Al Kaabi added  his committee  it welcomes the approval of the Council of Ministers on the draft resolution of the  ministerial administrative development, Labour and Social Affairs on the organization and procedures for the formation of joint labour committees.

Al-Kaabi said in an interview with Al Jazeera Net that the decision represents a landmark step in route to reforms and concrete efforts made by the State to improve the conditions of expatriates and migrant workers. It will protect and promote their rights. He called on all responsible parties in Qatar to move forward in this approach which is in line with human rights principles and standards.

He pointed out that the decision comes in response to what was demanded by the NHRC in  its previous annual reports, pointing out that the decision will make it difficult for those who were trying to discredit Qatar to continue their fake campaigns.

Qatar has been taken serious steps to improve the rights of migrant workers ahead of the World Cup. The new changes in Qatar encouraged other GCC countries to adopt similar approaches.

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