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WATCH: Swedish Populists Slam Liberals and Social Democrats, Tell Migration Agency to Focus on Deportations

The leader of the populist Sweden Democrats accused the Swedish Migration Board of “activism” and sa..

By admin , in London , at November 28, 2017

The leader of the populist Sweden Democrats accused the Swedish Migration Board of “activism” and said the agency should refocus on deporting illegal migrants and failed asylum seekers.

“It is perhaps the most important integration policy measure at the moment, that anyone who doesn’t need protection, who should not be here, will be returned as soon as possible,” Jimmie Åkesson said on the television programme Agenda.

Åkesson accused the Migration Board of “activism” and said it makes “very generous assessments” on whether or not a migrant should be entitled to asylum protection, not long after releasing a powerful video slamming liberal and social democrat politicians for their handling of the migrant crisis.

“I said in my speech yesterday that we do not need more asylum immigration, we need rather a net return. That is, many of those who have come here and do not need protection, who have no obvious reason to stay here and live on Swedish taxes, they will return to the country they came from,” he said.

Sweden, Sentio poll:

S-S&D: 27% ↑
SD-EFDD: 22% ↓
M-EPP: 18% ↑
C-ALDE: 9% ↓
V-LEFT: 8% ↓
MP-G/EFA: 5% ↑
L-ALDE: 4%…

— Europe Elects (@EuropeElects) November 24, 2017

Åkesson and the Sweden Democrats have been critical of mass migration for years and have become a real force in the polls going into next September’s national election. During the summer, the party experienced a massive growth in popularity, becoming the third-largest party among migrants themselves.

More recent polls show the party with 22 per cent of the vote and in second place behind the Socialists, four points ahead of the Moderates.

Sweden: Crimes Against the Person Surge to New Highs Following Migrant Influx:

— Jack Montgomery ن (@JackBMontgomery) November 20, 2017

Despite the national elections being just under a year away, the party recently released a campaign video, including English subtitles, in which Åkesson slams the media and mainstream politicians for their support of mass migration. Åkesson also mentions there is a “civil war” in certain regions due to gang rivalries.

The situation in some lawless suburbs, also known as no-go zones, has become so violent that the Moderates even proposed deploying the military to help police who are routinely attacked.

Other emergency services, like the fire service and paramedics, are also attacked in no-go zones. Last week, firemen were forced to wait hours to put out a large fire involving 50 cars in a garage because they had to wait for police back up due to fears of being attacked.

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