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Sorry, but you can’t replace intimacy with a robot

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From stashing to working out the best ways to make you more at..

By admin , in Life , at November 29, 2017

Sorry, but you can’t replace intimacy with a robot
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From stashing to working out the best ways to make you more attractive on dating site, love is a minefield nowadays.

But now, we’ve got a new problem on our hands because experts have now warned against a a rise in ‘digisexuals’.

And what are digisexuals you ask?

They’re people who are satisfied by the virtual world – so much so that they’d rather have relationships with sex robots than humans.

Offering human lovers the chance to live out any fantasy (take your pick), there are a number of dolls already out there on the market.

There’s a £7,670 sex robot called Frigid Farrah which simulates rape and an Android Love Doll which performs 50 ‘automated sexual positions’.


Meanwhile, Abyss Creations’ ‘Harmony’ doll will connect to an app that learns as the user talks with it.

I’m not really surprised it’s come to this.

If anyone is familiar with The Big Bang Theory episode (don’t judge me) when Raj falls in love with Siri and Sheldon congratulates him for using technology to replace love, it was only a matter of time.

Some people may think it’s great – women I knew actually rejoiced, saying they won’t have to deal with horny men trying to sleep with them all the time.

And this woman certainly doesn’t seem to mind.

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And if you’ve ever dated a guy who thinks it’s okay to get up as soon as he comes or thinks you’re there solely to fulfill his sexual needs, then you probably are bookmarking sex robots to send his way.

But I can’t shake off just how disturbing I find it.

Technology is there to aid us, but it can’t fulfill intimate needs.

Although this man who sleeps with his sex robot four times a week claims sex is a ‘very small part’ of it, I don’t really buy that his robot and him have a genuine emotional connection.

Or that they have great pillow talk either.

Sorry folks, but you can’t replace intimacy with a robot.

Sure, you may get your kicks (I’m not going to think too deeply about how this works).

But it’s not exactly going to make you feel loved or wanted if you LITERALLY have to turn on a doll to talk.

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Having a robot to fulfill sexual needs reminds me of a wanking session: feels OK at the time, but at the end of the day, it serves as a reminder that once you’ve come, you’re the only one there.

Why are people so attracted to robots when women are quite literally everywhere? And you know, most of us may actually quite like sex?

Dr Kathleen Richardson, Professor of Ethics and Culture of Robots at De Montford University, who previously campaigned for a ban against robots that can be used for sex two years ago attributes people preferring robots over human contact to ‘serious controlling issues’.

‘I think with regard to sex robots, there are some men who hate that women are independent and have their own thoughts, feelings, wants and desires and they can’t fully control people they love,’ she tells

‘I think they hope that a robot will be enough like a “female” to them that they can have sex with, but can fully control.’

She also said men who turn to robots have a past history of male domination over women: ‘Men who turn to dolls and robots often have serious issues with controlling women – either they are users of porn, prostitution, mail order brides.’


Sorry, but you can’t replace intimacy with a robot
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These dolls may appear to be a solution for those that are socially awkward or find it difficult to get a date.

But you can’t simply create a robot to fulfill sexual demands purely because you struggle to forge connections. spoke to Danielle Davies, a personal centred counsellor at Instant Counselling, to find out why people prefer robots over humans.

She said: ‘Others may find the idea of socialising, dating and potential rejection from another person upsetting and anxiety provoking.

‘To avoid these negative emotional states, the idea of having a relationship with a robot seems idyllic as there is no fear of rejection, no risk of arguments and no one’s feelings getting hurt.’

She said these can be dangerous for myriad reasons: ‘Potentially replacing human contact robots could damage the individual emotionally, socially and psychologically.

‘There would be no opportunity to learn and develop the communication skills and levels of understanding which are developed in intimate relationships, ‘human qualities’ within a partner such as patience and persistence would be missing in a relationship with a robot.

‘Spending unlimited time with a robot could encourage isolation and eventually skew the individual’s perception of the society and the world.’

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She also warned about consensual sex becoming a grey area for anyone who swaps between human and robotic sexual partners: ‘This creates potential grounds for allegations of sexual assault or rape if the individual does not gain consent from a human partner.’

The fact that dolls can switch to ‘family’ and ‘sexy’ mode at the touch of a button is even scarier.

Women are much more than the stringent identities society forces us into. These titles of ‘family’ and ‘sexy’ are not only reductive and passe but they’re damaging. You can be someone who likes sex, cooks well and can hold a full-time job while also having kids.

Women are not just one thing, and having these titles only reinforces the idea that we can only be one or the other.

Yes, relationships don’t last forever and dating and rejection can be overwhelmingly anxiety provoking.

And yes, no fear of rejection sounds idyllic.

But you can get good sex any day of the week – actual intimacy is much harder, but much more worthwhile.

I’d much rather have pillow talk with someone who wanted to be there rather than just being able to press a button.

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