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Moped gang wielding machetes raid luxury London store in broad daylight (VIDEO)

Published time: 6 Dec, 2017 19:10

A gang brandishing machetes and a samurai sword who stole thous..

By admin , in UK , at December 6, 2017

A gang brandishing machetes and a samurai sword who stole thousands of pounds worth of watches have been caught on camera raiding a luxury store in London. They used a moped to smash through its glass front door in broad daylight.

Up to seven people dressed in dark clothing with face coverings descended on the shop on mopeds, eyewitnesses said. The footage shows one member of the gang waving a huge samurai sword while others held knives and iron bars as they robbed the Chronext store on Fleet Street at about 11am Monday.

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Staff were forced to run for cover as some of the thieves barged into the shop. They smashed cabinets and grabbed watches, stuffing them into bags.

Witnesses told the Evening Standard the criminals jumped on their scooters and punched the air in victory. They netted thousands of pounds worth of merchandise.

“There was a huge vespa inside the shop because they drove it through the front door,” one witness told the newspaper. “I saw about five mopeds parked up on the pavement and the street outside and there were three guys walking up and down.”

The witness said a man from another shop attempted to confront the armed robbers but was frightened off by the man with the samurai sword. “They all jumped on their scooters and punched the air with their fists in a victory punch before driving off towards the Law Courts. It was seriously organised,” they added.

“They came outside with bags. Then they made off towards the Royal Courts of Justice, pumping their firsts in the air like some kind of victory. There are about 40 people here in my office. It was very frightening – people were crying in the office. It was like something you see on Netflix or in the movies,” another witness said.

Police are investigating but no one has been arrested. “City of London Police were called at 10.52am on Monday 4 December to reports of suspects on mopeds entering a jewellers on Fleet Street. The suspects smashed their way into the jewellers brandishing weapons, including knives, before making off on mopeds. Officers are on scene. No one was injured,” a police spokesman said.

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