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Democrat Texas Legislators Facing Sexual Misconduct Allegations

“You want to f*ck with me tonight?” was the question allegedly asked of a Texas legislative intern b..

By admin , in USA , at December 8, 2017

“You want to f*ck with me tonight?” was the question allegedly asked of a Texas legislative intern by State Representative Borris Miles (D-Houston), a left-leaning online news outlet reported Wednesday evening. The article details allegations of sexual misconduct and threatening behavior by the state representative. It also includes allegations against now State Senator Carlos Uresti (D).

The feature-length article by The Daily Beast’s Olivia Messer details allegedly abusive and threatening behavior by State Representative Borris Miles (D). The allegations include inappropriate sexual conversations, gazing at women’s breasts in legislative offices, unwanted touching and kissing, and accusations of misconduct with handguns.

The Daily Beast article references the women and men making the allegations mostly by their first names. The writer does not disclose if the first names are real or fictional.

One woman, referred to as “Lauren” worked as a legislative intern during the 2013 session. She claimed she encountered Miles outside the Continental Club, a bar in Austin that is a well-known hangout of legislators, lobbyists, and political reporters.

Lauren said Miles rode up to her in a carriage, the article states. He reportedly pulled out a large roll of money. Lauren said it looked like about $500. He handed it to another intern and looked at her.

“You know how you have the roll of hundreds that you see on TV? It was like that,” Lauren recounted to The Daily Beast. She said she said hello to the representative who then “looked me up and down, counted out more money” and then reached out with his hand. “Bitch, you want to f*ck with me tonight?” she said Miles asked her.

She responded, “No, thank you” and said she stepped back. Lauren claimed Miles’ intern quickly got him to leave. Another state representative referred to as “Chris” by The Daily Beast backed Lauren’s account. He is reported to be a Texas Democrat who does not serve in the same chamber with Miles from a different district.

The Daily Beast quoted Chris:

“At some point that night, I got a call or text message from [Lauren],” he recalled. “She said Borris Miles was at The Continental Club and that he had propositioned her. I didn’t quite understand the whole scenario until later, but I knew that she was not comfortable and [she] was not good.”

The list of allegations by other women is detailed in the article. Many are supported by other witnesses to contemporaneous statements from the victims.

Miles is considered to be a powerful legislator from Houston. His supporters include U.S. Representatives Shelia Jackson Lee and Al Green — both Texas Congressional Democrats. Miles is a former police officer and owns an insurance and real estate business.

The article reports a previous scandal involving Miles where he was indicted on two counts of deadly conduct with a gun where the representative allegedly pulled a gun on a Texas Southern University regent and his wife during a 2008 Houston Rockets game.

During testimony in the trial, the Daily Beast reported the couple said Miles waived a gun around, pointed it at a woman, and even “put it to his own head.”

Another woman, Kym Jackson, testified, “He said it could blow your brains out,” according to a Houston Chroniclereport.

Court records obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed the two misdemeanor charges were dismissed.

Other incidents of threatening behavior and reckless behavior with a handgun are reported in the Daily Beast article.

More women are reported in the article to have been harassed by Miles. Those incidents include unwanted kissing, threats of retaliation, unwanted touching, and inappropriate glaring at women’s breasts in legislative offices. He is also alleged to call women “bitch,” “ho,” and “whore,” when he is turned down. “He doesn’t like to be told no,” the representative referred to as Chris told the Daily Beast.

Other allegations are made in the article against then-State Representative Carlos Uresti (D-San Antonio).

He was “known to hit on female staffers and used them to help him meet women,” a Democrat staffer referred to as Steve told the Daily Beast.

One young female reporter, referred to as Rachel, told the news outlet that Uresti made “inappropriate comments” which she handled by “laughing it off.”

The Daily Beast reported:

Then, one night, legislators were trying to make some kind of last-minute deal and Rachel wanted to get more information about it. She and Uresti went out for happy-hour drinks so that she could get details about the legislation.

“He was super flirtatious,” she said. “He put his hands on my thigh, and I kept trying to bring the conversation back to work stuff.”

At some point, she said, “‘Well, I need to go home,’” and the lawmaker walked her to her car.

Before she could get inside, Rachel says the lawmaker kissed her.

“He put his tongue down my throat,” she said. “I don’t remember how long it was or even if I said anything. I think I pushed him off and got in my car.”

The news outlet said Uresti denied this allegation.

The article relays other stories of harassment, even against female elected officials.

Bob Price serves as associate editor and senior political news contributor for Breitbart Texas. He is a founding member of the Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX, GAB, and Facebook.

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