More people are getting Alexa to do their Christmas shopping

One in three UK consumers who own an AI-enabled home assistant are planning to use it for their Christmas shopping, a survey has found.

More smart devices than ever will be replacing humans on the last-minute gift run this year, according to business intelligence firm SAP.

With Kantar WorldPanel estimating that 2.7m UK homes are already using an Alexa, Google Home or Sonos, the use of the devices for organising the festive season is on the up.

Some 20 per cent of tech fans plan to use them to purchase gifts and other essential Christmas items, while a savvy 11 per cent of shoppers will be seeking out bargains using their AI.

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Even decision-making is being delegated to robots, with 31 per cent consumers trusting their AI tech to help research and pick gifts.

This compares to just 15 per cent this time last year, suggesting more of us are beginning to place our trust in home assistants.

John Head from SAP said: “Consumers now expect their needs to be anticipated at every step of the shopping journey and brands are now able to meet these demands, providing insight at the moments that matter.

"The ever-evolving sophistication of voice-enabled assistants brings hands-free convenience that delivers richer, frictionless, customer experiences all powered by data-led insight.”

Next step: a home assistant which can cook the turkey.

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