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LA Hospitality Industry to Feature Marijuana, Sex and Rock-N-Roll

California’s hospitality industry is cranking up to incorporate the launch of recreational marijuana..

By admin , in USA , at December 10, 2017

California’s hospitality industry is cranking up to incorporate the launch of recreational marijuana with premium offerings of cannabis edibles, aphrodisiacs, and a revived drug culture party sound.

The Standard Hotel announced that it is working with West Hollywood to secure an adult license to open a luxurious store that will feature smokes, vapes, lotions, and edibles for California’s January 1 launch of recreational marijuana.

According to the LA Weekly’s interview with CEO and managing partner of Standard International Amar Lalvani, “The Standard is proud to be at the forefront of this cultural shift, becoming the first hospitality company to enhance our guests’ experience in this manner.”

With cannabis gaining the cachet of wellness, awareness and discovery, the swankiest location on the Sunset Strip will stock the super-premium Lord Jones line of “naturally flavored fruit gumdrops, chocolates and body lotions boosted with CBD — a non-psychoactive and painkilling component of cannabis.”

There have been hundreds of medical marijuana restaurants operating in downtown LA and the West Side over the last decade. But the elite LA restaurant scene is already preparing to add cannabis as the new spice for trendsetters.

To preview farm-to-table cuisine highlighting the pricey bespoke Flow Kana weed, pop-up private events feature cannabis-laced dinner parties prepared by top local gastronomical legends as Church Key’s Steven Fretz and serial-entrepreneur Chris Oh.

Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush” for LA’s aging hipsters is the legal use of cannabis aphrodisiac sprays and lotions sold under Foria Pleasure label that are rumored to provide more enjoyable sex for post-menopausal women.

Ashley Mantra is advocating the melding of the cannabis and sex industries for what she calls “cannasexual” approach to female-centric pleasuring. Mantra argues that exponentially growing use of cannabis “lubes to topicals for menstrual cramps” are effective to reduce common sexual anxiety, stress, and body shame. She adds, this is “part of a larger movement in the country to think about every aspect of women’s reproductive and sexual health — from the orgasm to pregnancy — as connected.”

Vice president of marketing and communications Corey Tuttle told the LA Weekly that weed fits “snugly into the retro, rock & roll vibe” of the Standard on Sunset. The hotel expects to mainstream music and fashions inspired by the drug culture in January.

A special presentation will include a psychedelic retrospective celebrating DJ, photographer and reggae archivist Roger Steffens.

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