Here’s what we searched the internet for in 2017 according to Google

It's that time of year again, when mince pies become a breakfast meal, everything comes with a layer of either glitter or snow – and Google tells us what we've been searching for on the internet this year.

And 2017 was certainly the year of bitcoin.

"What is bitcoin?" was the fourth most searched "what is…" query and "how to mine bitcoins" was the sixth most searched "how to…" question, while "how to buy bitcoin" was second only to people asking how to make slime in the UK.

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Last year was dominated by Trump and Brexit, and while that died down a little, politics still featured heavily in our lives after the surprise result of the General Election: "what is a hung parliament?" and "what is an exit poll?" were the top queries. "What is the DUP?" and "what is the General Election?" also featured in the top 10, while it was the sixth biggest news event of the year.

But when it comes to the top overall search queries made by the people of Britain, a late entrant brought some much needed joy to the year (just check out that list of most searched news events). Meghan Markle, the soon-to-be royal bride, piqued the nation's interest ahead of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, fidget spinners and hurricane Irma.

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Check out the full lists below

Top trending queries

Rank Subject
1 Meghan Markle
2 iPhone 8
3 Hurricane Irma
4 Fidget Spinner
5 Manchester Bombing
6 Grenfell Tower
7 13 Reasons Why
8 Tara Palmer Tomkinson
9 Shannon Matthews
10 iPhone X

Top trending "how to…?" queries

Rank Subject
1 … make slime
2 … buy bitcoin
3 … stay young
4 … watch Mayweather vs McGregor
5 … watch Joshua vs Klitchko
6 … mine bitcoin
7 … make Yorkshire pudding
8 … make a fidget spinner
9 … to vote in the General Election
10 … to lose belly fat

Top trending "what is… ?" queries

Rank Subject
1 … a hung parliament
2 … an exit poll
3 … the Confederations Cup
4 … bitcoin
5 …the Antikythera mechanism
6 … a pangolin
7 … a General Election
8 … waterboarding
9 … the DUP
10 … Pink's real name

Top trending news events

Rank Subject
1 Hurricane Irma
2 Manchester bombing
3 Grenfell Tower
4 North Korea
5 London Bridge attack
6 General Election
7 Harvey Weinstein
8 Catalan independence
9 Las Vegas shooting
10 Kevin Spacey

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