Family forced to block igloo after dog kept using it as a kennel

Family forced to block igloo after dog kept using it as a kennel
Becky Chilton, Jake Chilton, Ellie-May Chilton and Tilly the dog in the family igloo (Picture: Mercury)

A family dog has commandeered an igloo built in her owner’s garden as her kennel.

The Chilton family had to block up the entrance to the nine foot igloo because Tilly the bearded collie kept on sleeping in there.

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Jake Chilton, 23, spent seven hours building the igloo last weekend and it became so large his parents, two younger sisters and the dog could fit in it.

Tilly then began spending all day in the igloo despite the family being concerned it was too cold for her.

Car lift engineer Jake, from Cheslyn Hay, Staffordshire, said: ‘Once we had built the igloo Tilly wouldn’t leave it alone. She was spending hours just lay in there.

‘Its too cold for her to be sitting in an igloo in the back garden and it could also collapse at any moment so its not safe for her to sit in it.

‘My dad had to fill in the entrance with more snow to stop Tilly going in. Its still standing though.’

Family forced to block igloo after dog kept using it as a kennel
Building an igloo proved a bigger job than Jake first thought (Picture: Mercury)

He added: ‘To build it I got some plastic boxes out of my work van that I used to store tools and used them as moulds. While I was doing it on my own I soon realised that it was going to take me ages to finish it so I tried to convince my mum, dad and sister to come and help me.

‘I eventually managed to drag them outside, they loved it once they got into it. Overall it took us around seven hours to finish it.

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“I think once I had got about three hours in I considered stopping but I thought I had gone too far to stop.

‘Once I had figured out how to position the blocks and my dad helped me to make it stronger and more stable it was pretty simple.

‘When we had finished the igloo was about nine-foot-high and I could lie down in it so it was around six-foot-wide too.

Family forced to block igloo after dog kept using it as a kennel
The not-so-perfect kennel for Tilly the dog (Picture: Mercury)

‘It took us around seven hours to complete in the end.

‘My sister Becky came home from work as we were nearly finished. She was a bit confused but she loved it.’

He added: ‘It fit all five of us in pretty comfortably. It was when Tilly the dog started to want to join us it got a bit tight for space.

‘It looked pretty cool, especially with all the fairy lights that we put up. It was worth spending seven hours on.’

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