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London Science Museum Star Wars Imax Showing Evacuated After ‘Incident’

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byBreitbart London27 Dec 20170

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By admin , in London , at December 28, 2017

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byBreitbart London27 Dec 20170

Cinema-goers at the London Science Museum Imax were evacuated Wednesday afternoon just ten minutes into the showing after an “incident” led to the museum taking precautionary action.

While patrons were not informed about the nature of the incident, as they were evacuated, it was later found to be a false alarm and the film was restarted. The Daily Mailreports remarks of Star Wars fans who were moved from the theatre during the showing, who said: “Just been evacuated from the Science Museum Imax due to an ‘incident’. Oh dear. Nobody seems to know what is going on”.

Another said “Watching Star Wars at Science Museum and just stopped ten minutes in to evacuate everyone in building because of an ‘incident’.”

The false alarm highlights the tense security situation in London and other European cities, where large gatherings of people have been targeted by Islamic fundamentalists for terror attacks.

London’s Natural History Museum, the Science Museum’s Kensington next door neighbour was the scene of a car crash in October 2017 which at the time sparked fears of a terror attack in the popular tourism-heavy area.

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