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ITV News abruptly cuts off due to fire alarm on live TV

ITV News at Ten was disrupted by a fire alarm (Picture: ITV)
ITV News was abruptly cut short tonight..

By admin , in UK , at January 4, 2018

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ITV News abruptly cuts off due to fire alarm on live TV
ITV News at Ten was disrupted by a fire alarm (Picture: ITV)

ITV News was abruptly cut short tonight after a fire alarm went off in the building.

The newsroom was apparently evacuated at around 10.20pm, 20 minutes in to the flagship News at Ten. Ironically, it happened in the middle of an item about Donald Trump‘s ‘nuclear button’.

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The newsreader Tom Bradby said: ‘OK, as you can probably tell we have a fire alarm. We’re not quite sure what to do about it, but we think we’re going to have to evacuate.’

The live bulletin was suspended and viewers suddenly saw a still screen, which read: ‘We’re sorry for the disruption’.

Social media was quickly flooded with tweets by surprised (and amused) viewers, one of whom wrote: ‘Never seen that before.’

Others praised the ITV team, including presenter Bradby, for being such a pro about the whole thing.

Fire alarm live on ITV News at Ten & the host has had to leave the desk to evacuate the building. Hope it’s a false alarm. Pub over the road’s going to be busy.

— Jayne Sharp (@Jaynesharp) January 3, 2018

Wow ITV news have had a fire alarm and have evacuated live on air! Hope it’s nothing serious, good to see them following protocol

— Shanika W-M (@Shanika_WM) January 3, 2018

#ITVNews fire alarm goes off during coverage of Trump's big button. Comedy gold.

— Katie Dulake (@kdulake) January 3, 2018

ITV news having to evacuate half way through because of a fire drill is the most British thing I’ve ever seen

— liv (@0liviadyer) January 3, 2018

Fellow ITV newscaster Alastair Stewart, 65, even tweeted his shock.

Someone tweeted him asking ‘Can you ever remember this happening before on a news broadcast?’, to which the broadcasting veteran replied: ‘No.’

And, of course, others online blamed Trump for the interference.

Watching ITV news at 10 about N Korea and irresponsible Trump's nuclear weapons boasting, and then the whole network goes off due to a "fire alarm"… talk about bad timing.

— Michael Sheldrick (@micksheldrick) January 3, 2018

The latest Trump antics, now ITV News off air. 2018 starting as it means to go on.

— Sarah Hapgood (@sjhstrangetales) January 3, 2018

ITV News …Either Donald Trump has pushed his big button or they've gone to the pub early ?

— Andrew Porter (@mrp_bfc) January 3, 2018

ITV news reporting on Trump’s nuclear button tweet. Fire alarm immediately goes off and the offices are vacated. Spoooooky!

— Mike (@mikesjb) January 3, 2018

An ITV News spokesperson said: ‘We apologise for the interruption during the live broadcast of News at Ten this evening due to a fire alarm in the building.

‘All staff were safely evacuated according to fire drill procedures.’

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