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Snapchat ‘banned’ NYE party guests from Snapchat

Photo messaging app Snapchat reportedly banned employees from posting pictures from its exclusive Ne..

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Photo messaging app Snapchat reportedly banned employees from posting pictures from its exclusive New Year's Eve party.

The ban meant that some of the 5,000 party guests, determined to share the night with followers, turned to rival app Instagram to document the celebrations in Los Angeles instead.

Even Canadian rapper Drake, who performed at the event, apparently ignored the "no photos" rule – posting a picture of himself on Instagram.


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The party cost Snap Inc chief executive Evan Spiegel $4m (£3m), according to TMZ.

The Daily Beast reported that guests were told to leave their phones at home and tickets for the party said it was a "no photos" event.

Image:Tickets for the Snapchat party reportedly warned guests not to take pics

Guests who did bring their mobiles reportedly had tape applied to their phone cameras, and were also handed entry bracelets emblazoned with the words "no photos".

It is thought organisers wanted the event to free guests from the pressures of posting to social media on the night, which also featured a performance from American DJ Diplo.

The social media giant is also said to have blocked the event's venue – the Microsoft Theatre – from its geotagging "snap map" feature, which lets users know what people in a specific area are up to.

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But guests were not deterred from posting on Instagram under various hashtags, including #snapchatnye.

The party has led commentators to question why the company, which encourages app users to share their experiences online, made the move.

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Some have speculated Snap Inc may have enforced the ban at the extravagant party amid the company reporting a third-quarter loss of $443m.

Snap Inc has been contact for comment.

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