Got a new iPhone? How to personalise Siri and change her voice

Got a new iPhone? How to personalise Siri
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Sometimes Siri doesn’t do the things you want her to do.

Like when you want to get her working on something but the HEY SIRI command won’t pay ball.

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Or when for some reason Siri won’t activate or for some reason she won’t speak aloud at all.

Those having difficulties are likely to not have Apple’s clever bot properly set up – so here are some things to try to get her up and running as well as how to personalise Siri’s voice to either British, American, Australian, male or female.

Make sure Siri is activated

Got a new iPhone? How to personalise Siri

If you haven’t activated Siri – you need to make sure it is activated before you can personalise it.

Do this by going into the phone’s SETTINGS and the section named SIRI. Make sure the switch is turned to the green ON selection.

How to activate Siri without pressing the home button

Got a new iPhone? How to personalise Siri

In the Siri section scroll down to ensure the HEY SIRI button is flicked to the green ON button.

It will then go through a set of instructions for setting it up… you’ll need to go through these, which usually include repeating HEY SIRI into your phone among other sayings. Tap DONE when complete.

If you need to change the language of Siri (there’s a difference between American and British English) it is just under the HEY SIRI button under LANGUAGES.

NOTE you can also set up Siri so it still works even when the lock screen is on by swiping the LOCK SCREEN button to green ON in Siri’s settings menu.

How to change Siri’s voice

Got a new iPhone? How to personalise Siri

There are both male and female versions of Siri and these are selectable under SIRI VOICE in the SIRI settings menu.

For English you can also chose different accents from AMERICAN, AUSTRALIAN and BRITISH.

If you change to a different language like French it can take a while to download the new voice options.

Anything else?

Got a new iPhone? How to personalise Siri

Yes, you can change Siri’s settings so that audio feedback is HANDS-FREE ONLY, CONTROL WITH RING SWITCH or ALWAYS ON.

ALWAYS means Siri will speak even if the phone is set to silent, CONTROL WITH RING SWITCH means that Siri will be silent when the phone settings are silent except when connected to Bluetooth, headphones or CarPlay.

HANDS-FREE ONLY means Siri will always only speak when connected to Bluetooth, headphones or CarPlay.

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