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Donald Trump’s state visit invitation ‘humiliates the Queen’

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry on BBC’s Andrew Marr Show this morning (Picture: BBC)
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By admin , in UK , at January 14, 2018

Donald Trump's state visit invitation 'humiliates the Queen'
Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry on BBC’s Andrew Marr Show this morning (Picture: BBC)

The Queen would be ‘humiliated’ by Theresa May inviting Donald Trump for a full state visit, according to Labour’s Emily Thornberry.

Once a full state visit invitation has been made by the government only the Queen can withdraw it, which Thornberry believes puts the monarch in an ’embarrassing position.’

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The Shadow Foreign Secretary told BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show: ‘He is an asteroid of awfulness that has fallen on this world. I think that he is a danger and I think that he is a racist.

‘I don’t want him to come to the country. I don’t think that he should have been given an invitation in the way that he was.’

‘It was wrong for Theresa May to so prematurely give him a state visit.’

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She added: ‘I think that it embarrasses the Queen. I think that it is humiliation for her. I think it is wrong to have brought her into this in this way.’

A full state visit is seen as the ‘crown jewels’ of the UK’s diplomatic locker and would require the US President sit with the monarch for dinner.

‘It is very difficult once an invitation for a state visit has been made to withdraw it. Only the Queen can withdraw it and I don’t want to put her in that embarrassing position,’ Thornberry said.

Earlier this week the President cancelled a planned trip to London to open the brand new embassy in Vauxhall because he did not agree with the move and did not want ‘to cut the ribbon’.

Donald Trump's state visit invitation 'humiliates the Queen'
Prime Minister Theresa May and US President Donald Trump at White House last year (Picture: PA)

It is feared a presidential state visit would spark huge protests from campaigners from a variety of groups across the country.

Thornberry added: ‘I think though that the Government can give advice to Washington, and can say that we have to have security considerations. There will be major demonstrations.

‘He did at one stage say he didn’t want to come to Britain until the British had learned to love him and I was quite relaxed about that.’

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