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Texas Cops Capture Kangaroo After Hot Pursuit

Photo: Facebook/Lumberton Leger

byBob Price16 Jan 2018Kountze, TX0

16 Jan, 201816 Jan, 2018


By admin , in USA , at January 17, 2018

Photo: Facebook/Lumberton Leger

byBob Price16 Jan 2018Kountze, TX0

Sheriff’s deputies in East Texas managed to apprehend a fleeing kangaroo after a drawn-out pursuit. Residents of Kountze were surprised to see the large animal hopping down the road earlier this week.

“BREAKING NEWS! Hardin County Sheriffs department is in hot pursuit of this Kangaroo on Shakespeare Rd, in Kountze,” The Lumberton Leger wrote in a Facebook post. “It has eluded capture for several hours.”

Local resident Cindy White reported the kangaroo, which had escaped from a local home in Lumberton, 12NewsNow in Beaumont reported.

The escapee, a pregnant kangaroo named “Ruby”, managed to hop all the way to Kountze before being called into police dispatchers. Lumberton and Kountze are separated by about 10 miles.

“It was just a crazy day. Thank goodness I got pictures, because no one would believe me,” White told the Houston Chronicle. “I was driving my son’s truck and had to call him and tell him that I almost hit a kangaroo. He said that would have been hard to explain to the insurance company.”

Lumberton police and deputies from the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office pursued Ruby for several hours before the owner arrived and tranquilized her. Ruby was taken into custody and safely returned to her home where she is with her fellow kangaroos.

Police officials said they received several calls about the unusual sight. It is not known how Ruby escaped from the fenced-in habitat.

Houston attorney Tom Zakes responded to the Lumberton Leger’s Facebook post and asked, “If the owner gets a ticket, will it be heard in kangaroo court?”

There do not appear to have been any reported accidents or injuries from the situation.

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