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Denise Welch reveals the devastating moment that made her ditch the booze – for good

“I get quite emotional talking about it…”

Denise Welch has been open about her struggles with menta..

By admin , in Women , at January 20, 2018

"I get quite emotional talking about it…"

Denise Welch has been open about her struggles with mental health and alcohol for years.

But the Loose Women star has been alcohol-free for over six years now – after realising in a devastating moment how much booze was affecting her life.

Appearing on Lorraine on Thursday, the 57-year-old admitted that she previously buried her head in the sand when it came to her alcohol abuse.

“Lincoln and I met in a bit of a tabloid flurry and things were pretty tough. I was in a dark place and Lincoln was a functioning alcoholic and I gave him an ultimatum. But thought I was fine. I wasn’t.

She continued, “It was quite incredible that we got together at the time, but we realised that we had a wonderful relationship. And the only time it was being destroyed was when we were using alcohol.”

Her alcohol dependency only came to a head after a particularly messy night, which helped her realise that she may lose her beloved husband if she didn’t change her ways.

“I remember when I was touring in the show Steel Magnolias and I didn’t think I had as much of a problem because I was able to not drink some nights because I was going on stage the next day.

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“Two months later, I went to a function after the show and I said to Lincoln ‘If I get drunk, will you tell me?’. He said, ‘Darling you’re getting drunk and the paps are taking photos through the window.’

“I said, ‘Don’t you tell me what to do’, and I woke up in the morning with myself plastered all over the papers, and it was a disaster. And I knew that I would lose him unless I went on the same path,” referencing Lincoln’s decision to go teetotal.

Denise also revealed that their relationship became Lincoln’s reason for ditching the booze. She said, “His fear of losing me was so great that he stopped.”

Mum-of-two Denise also touched on how emotive a topic it is for her, given that her late mother never got to see her conquer her addiction.

She told Lorraine, “I get quite emotional talking about it because I wish my mum [Ann, who died in 2012], was still alive to see my sober life. When you’re a mother of two children there’s a lot of shame in it.”

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