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How to buy your own top secret Bond lair in St Lucia

It’s hard to imagine a place more sublime than St Lucia. The island is an exhibition of beauty, volu..

By admin , in Life , at February 10, 2018

It’s hard to imagine a place more sublime than St Lucia. The island is an exhibition of beauty, voluptuous landscapes, and flamboyant Caribbean colour.

Nestled between the two mountainous Pitons, which were given world heritage status back in 2005, is a former plantation-turned luxury resort called Sugar Beach. Almost a hundred Caribbean-style villas cascade down the valley, but each occupies its own secluded piece of paradise.

Privacy is paramount, and the homes that make up the Beachfront Collection are set in a quiet corner of the resort.

Yet these off-plan properties (of which two of five have been built so far) are distinct from the existing complex of white rental cottages. For one, the timber cladding and glass walls of these new builds offer a cooler, more modern edge – they’re certainly striking against the sugar-white sand of the beach below.

“When you arrive, you are met with a view that goes right through the house to the sea, which you don’t get very often with properties on the island,” explains architect Alex Michaelis. The view of the bay beyond takes centre stage, particularly in the bedrooms where sliding glass doors offer an unobstructed view of the sea from the four-poster beds.

A CGI of the bedroom in one of the villas

Each property has private steps leading directly down to the quiet Glenconner beach, named after the eccentric Baron who bought the land back in the 90s.

Surrounded by lush rainforest and a seafront, it’s unsurprising that water is the predominant theme of these homes. Narrow “reflection” ponds run parallel to the front path, as well as alongside the house, to give the impression that the house is floating, while a cluster of rain chains transform guttering into a water dance. The infinity pool appears to stretch out into the sea, and the abundance of showers and bathtubs – including enclosed balconies where you can shower in the sunshine – mean you are never short of washing facilities.

The emphasis is on living – rather than sleeping – spaces, as the bedrooms are relatively small compared to the double-height of the living and dining room.

While Michaelis suggests that some clients might like to reduce the size of the bathrooms in preference for bigger bedrooms, he adds: “I think the future is in big living spaces, because they act as a refuge from a world that is a lot busier now than it used to be; people want somewhere open, simple, and monastic.”

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Clients also choose their own finishes for the interior of the property, selecting from a range of colour schemes for the furniture and stone surfaces.

Each home is elevated above the beach and surrounded by a screen of tropical plants, giving guests privacy on the terrace and in the garden. The three properties yet to be built range from $8.25m to $15m, but there is the option for the resort to lease them out on the owner’s behalf.

With their cinematic surroundings and privacy, these villas are the perfect escape for stressed out celebrities and billionaire Bond villains.

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