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Meet Prince Carl Philip Of Sweden, the world’s sexiest royal

Move over Prince Harry, there’s a new dashing royal man in town, and his name? Prince Carl Philip.

By admin , in Women , at February 10, 2018

Move over Prince Harry, there’s a new dashing royal man in town, and his name? Prince Carl Philip.

The 38-year-old royal has captured hearts and attentions the world over recently after increased press attention, and be warned – he may well be your next royal crush. Get ready to swoon, ladies…

But who is Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Varmland, AKA the sexiest royal we’ve ever seen?

The debonair looking Prince is a member of the Swedish royal family. Son of King Carl XVI Gustaf, and Queen Silvia, he is the second of three children born to the current reigning monarch of Sweden. He was born on the 13th May 1979, at the royal palace in Stockholm, and is the only boy in the family. The Prince also has two sisters to keep him company, Princesses Victoria and Madeleine.

He’s also often referred to by his other title, Duke of Varmland. Carl Philip was given the impressive title at birth.

So what about the Swedish monarchy line of succession?

When he was born, Prince Carl Philip immediately came the heir apparent to the throne. He was set to succeed his father when he eventually left the throne, as the line of succession followed the typical royal rule. Still employed in the United Kingdom, it dictated that the eldest male will take the throne first, and then any of his immediate offspring.

But, when Carl Philip was just a year old, everything changed. New royal laws came into force stating that, instead, the eldest in the family would become the heir apparent. And so, his older sister Victoria became the next to take the throne instead. Hard luck, Carl!

Like a lot of royals, Carl Philip is famed for his love of outdoor pursuits. Carl is said to love a range of sports, including football, swimming, and even skiing – much like our royal family, then! And, a lot like the British royal family, Prince Carl Philip also signed up to be part of the military when he was younger.

The prince completed his military service training as a combat boat commander in 2000, and was soon promoted to a midshipman. The royal progressed quickly, and in 2004, he moved up yet again to the rank of sub-leiutenant in the Swedish Navy.

In 2007 and 2008, Prince Carl Philip undertook some more heavy duty training. And it paid off, as he was eventually promoted to the high-ranking role of lieutenant in the Navy. But his military career didn’t stop there. In October 2014, Prince Carl Philip achieved the rank of major. A busy man indeed!

So what about Prince Carl’s love life – do we have competition?

Emma Pernald

At the age 20, many thought that the Prince had met ‘the one’, and his future princess, in Emma Pernald. The couple dated for a decade, eventually ending their relationship in the spring of 2009. Emma herself announced the news.

She worked in a PR firm for years, and officially released the news of the pair’s split publically in the newspaper Expressen, stating that they’d mutually agreed to part ways.

Sofia Hellqvist

But everything changed when the Prince eventually met Sofia Hellqvist, in 2010. Prior to becoming part of the Swedish Royal Family, Sofia was a glamour model and reality television contestant. She married Carl Philip in 2015 and is the mother of their two children, Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel.

Prince Carl Philip’s wedding

Things went from strength to strength for Prince Carl and Sofia, and their engagement was announced in June 2014. The couple got married a year later at the Royal Palaces in Stockholm, and it was touted as the royal European wedding of the year.

The lavish ceremony saw the couple celebrate with their family and royals from around the world. And later, they even enjoyed a carriage ride through the capital, around the picturesque harbour.

Chatting about Carl Philip, Sofia has spoken about how close the couple are. She said, “He is the person I talk to the most. He’s so smart and I feel so secure with him.”

And the feeling’s clearly mutual – Carl Philip also said, “I feel extremely confident, stable and balanced when Sofia is by my side.”. Aww – aren’t they just adorable?

In October 2015, the couple announced they were expecting their very first child together. Their son was then born in April 2016. In a statement on the royal Facebook page, it was revealed, “The Marshal of the Realm is delighted to announce that HRH Princess Sofia gave birth to a healthy child.”

The couple happily welcomed an adorable baby boy, Prince Alexander, who has recently celebrated his first birthday.

The family now live together at Drottningholm Palace, in Sweden. And excitingly, Carl Philip and Sofia have recently welcomed their second child!

The couple said hello to another son, Prince Gabriel back in September 2017, meaning the little bundle of joy is now well over five months old.

So cute!

Prince Carl Philip’s business

Now this is one royal who surely can’t be accused of being ‘work-shy’. Prince Carl Philip, alongside his royal engagements, actually also runs a business. Way to make the rest of us feel bad, Prince!

In 2012, he started a textile business under his professional name, Carl Philip Bernadotte. The business sells home furnishing and glassware. And the name was largely influenced by his and his business partner, Oskar Kylberg’s, mutual love of all things aquatic.

The business partners scored a major win when their line of towels, bedspreads, pillows and carpets began to be sold in Ahlens. The shop is one of Sweden’s biggest department stores. So the deal cemented Carl not only as a royal, but a business man too.

So there you have it. Now you know everything there is to know about your new crush, Prince Carl Philip. No need to thank us…

But what do you think – can Carl Philip really beat Prince Harry? Let us know in the comments below!

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