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Sweden Democrats Promise to Reduce Asylum Numbers to Zero and End Chain Migration

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byChris Tomlinson18 Feb 20180

18 Feb, 201818 Feb, 2018

The anti-m..

By admin , in London , at February 19, 2018

Michael Campanella/Getty Images

byChris Tomlinson18 Feb 20180

The anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats (SD) have promised to reduce both asylum claims and chain migration — or ‘family reunification’ — to zero, and pledged to turn the migration board into a “remigration” board.

The election platform, released this week, claims that under an SD government Sweden would only take in asylum seekers from neighbouring countries. Jimmie Åkesson, the leader of the party, said the SD policy, when compared to the Moderate Party, “is between 50,000 and 60,000 asylum and family immigrants per year,” Blekinge Läns Tidningreports.

The SD has also announced that if elected they will be focusing their efforts on deportations of both failed asylum seekers and those who do not wish to remain in Sweden.

On Twitter, the party wrote: “Many who live here do not want to [stay], but yearn to their homelands. We believe that for both their sake and that of our society, we must offer real opportunities to return.”

Populist Sweden Democrats Leader Vows to ‘Declare War’ on Rising Levels of Organised Crime

— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) January 18, 2018

Another major pillar of the SD platform is the issue of law and order, especially in the heavily migrant populated no-go zones across the country where grenade attacks, shootings and sex attacks have become a major problem.

Earlier this year Åkesson promised to allow the Swedish military to work in a support role to help police officers deal with the escalating violence, which has seen police stations targeted by explosives and police vehicles attacked with grenades.

Last year members of the Moderate Party proposed allowing the military to operate in no-go zones, and more recently Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven refused to rule out the possibility of deploying the armed forces.

According to Åkesson, he sees the United States as a model for how to deal with organised criminality. He said he wanted to see the participation in criminal organisations criminalised in a law likely similar to the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act of 1970.

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