Thornberry describes Labour’s Brexit policy as an “ongoing conversation”

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry has described Labour's Brexit policy as an "ongoing conversation".

Labour has faced criticism for its confusing stance on Brexit, with the party's own MPs calling on Jeremy Corbyn to make it clear whether he supports staying in the Single Market and the EU's Customs Union.

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MPs trying to make Corbyn commit to Single Market membership have said he should consult the membership on the policy.

Speaking on ITV's Peston on Sunday, Thornberry said members were being consulted through the party's national policy forum and that the process of forming the party's Brexit policy was continuing.

"We've got the national policy forum going on at the moment, and I was there yesterday, and Keir [Starmer] is there today, and this afternoon we have I think the longest session there is going to be on Brexit, so there will be a debate in the national policy forum at the point," she said.

"I mean unlike the Tories we do consult our members when it comes to developing our policy….Its and ongoing conversation that we have, you know, within the party."

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