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Huge new park and ride could be on the way to Trumpington

A huge new park and ride site could be on its way to one of the city’s fastest-growing neighbourhood..

By admin , in Cambridge , at February 21, 2018

A huge new park and ride site could be on its way to one of the city’s fastest-growing neighbourhoods in a bid to get more people out of their cars and onto public transport.

A large site has been designated south of the M11 at Trumpington for a major new park and ride site providing between 250 and 279 spaces.

The site, which sits next to the roundabout at junction 11, is intended to help ease traffic on the M11 and A14, as well as to discourage people from driving into the city centre.

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Cllr Lewis Herbert, leader of Cambridge City Council and Greater Cambridge Partnership board member, said park and rides were “alive and well” and that the new park and ride would encourage more people onto public transport.

“I think we do want people to have improved public transport and that links in with the mayor’s commitment to a bus review across the county. Bus provision falls off a cliff once you’ve gone a few miles out of the city. It is in the nature of transport that we will continue to have people driving to the edge of Cambridge and looking for places to leave their cars.”

Potential site for the new park and ride

'Park and ride is alive and well'

Cllr Herbert said the £1 park and ride charge would be dropped in April, and that upcoming plans for a city metro would encourage more people onto public transport, helping to get more cars off city streets.

“I think park and ride is alive and well,” added Cllr Herbert. “You only need to look at the hundreds of thousands of people using it every year to see that.”

How cars could access the new site

According to a report published by the GCP (formerly City Deal): “The proposals for a Park & Ride at Junction 11 support the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s transport vision of delivering public transport improvements across the City and tackling traffic congestion.

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“They also support delivery of the CAM Mass Rapid Transit system and the P&R proposals would, working in partnership with the Combined Authority, ultimately transition to form part of that network. This approach was recommended by the recent Strategic Options Appraisal undertaken by Steer Davies Gleave.”

Next week, the GCP assembly will meet to discuss the plans ahead of a public consultation, which will help pin down the exact site of the park and ride, access, and other potential constraints on the area.

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