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Suspected drug dealer goes 34 days without going to the toilet

A suspected drug dealer's toilet strike has entered its 35th day.

Lamarr Chambers is still bei..

By admin , in Cambridge , at February 21, 2018

A suspected drug dealer's toilet strike has entered its 35th day.

Lamarr Chambers is still being held in police custody because he refuses to use the bathroom.

The 24-year-old was arrested on January 17, for failing to stop in Ladyshot, Harlow in Essex, along with intent to supply class A drugs.

Since his arrest the toilet in his cell has seen little action and Essex Police has taken Chambers back to court six times to extend his custody limit.

The diet of the alleged drug dealer who hasn't had a poo in 28 days is revealed

During a hearing at Chelmsford Magistrates' Court on Monday (February 19) prosecutor Kathy Wilson QC said he was being looked after well, reports Essex Live.

She said: "Mr Chambers has not properly been to the toilet for some 33 days.

"You have to consider whether or not he is not taking on enough food in order to frustrate the seizing of police evidence.

"He is being more than adequately looked after by Essex Police. He has been offered fluids and food.

"His lights are dimmed at night and he is being reviewed every 24 hours. If he requests to go to the hospital he is taken there. There is reference to him passing stools.

"It is in fact questionable as to whether any faecal matter was collected.

"He did wipe his bottom and there was a stain on the toilet paper. Had any amount of faecal matter been passed, we would not be in this position today."

This is the dirtiest place in your kitchen – and it's not where you expect

Chambers broke the record for the most days in custody without a poo at day 24 on February 10.

Lamarr Chambers was arrested in Ladyshot for failing to stop for police and possession with intent to supply Class A drugs (Image: @OpRaptorWest)

Diet revealed

After his initial arrest, he had been eating Frosties cereal bars and, as time went on, he would eat up to eight of them a day.

It was reported on February 15 that he had changed his diet to one of fruit and vegetables.

It was also revealed that the suspect had eaten fish made by his mother prior to an appearance before magistrates.

What happens when you don't go to the bathroom?

Following the news on February 10 that Chambers had broken the British record, Trish Macnair, from the Primary Care Society for Gastroenterology, said: "There's only so long you can hang on.

"You won't get a devastating build-up of toxins that can poison the body in such a short space of time.

"You're just going to get a lot of uncomfortable stretching of intestinal tubes.

"This is an acute situation, not chronic.

"Ultimately, things will move through the bowel and it'll empty itself. Most people have been there."

She then explained that the longer you go without excreting the more uncomfortable it inevitably becomes.

She added: "The suspect will feel his bowel moving, trying to empty. He'll be holding his sphincter tight."

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Ms Macnair explained that fasting would not not prevent the suspect from doing what is natural.

She said: "Even if you're not eating, the bowel will still move. That's because only about a third of what you find in faeces is food debris.

"A lot of it is dead, friendly bacteria and the lining of the bowel which is constantly shedding, like skin. Plus, lots of fluid."

Ms Macnair also said that there is a small risk of the bowel swelling and bursting but in a young, healthy person, you'd expect the bowel to empty itself before that happened.

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