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White van driver ‘crashed into couple’s car, drove on pavement and sped off the wrong way round a roundabout’

A motorist has told of the terrifying moment a Transit van mounted the pavement and smashed into his..

By admin , in Cambridge , at February 22, 2018

A motorist has told of the terrifying moment a Transit van mounted the pavement and smashed into his car – before speeding off the wrong way round a busy roundabout.

The driver, who asked not to be named, was in his car with his partner driving along Maids Causeway yesterday evening (Tuesday February 21).

Newmarket Road, where the van was seen mounting the pavement (Image: Google)

As he passed the Navadhanya restaurant he became aware of a white van looming towards him from behind.

He told the News: “We were sat in traffic on Maids Causeway, after Wednesday night late night shopping.

“We were outside the old Bird in Hand pub (now Navadhanya), when we heard a noise behind us. The next thing I knew a Transit van came tearing down the pavement.

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“There was a gap in front of us, but it was too small. He clipped the front of our car, and drove off, down the wrong way round the East Road roundabout.

“I am amazed he didn’t kill someone.”

The incident took place at around 7.50pm, when the road was still busy. The van was seen heading right at the roundabout, and disappearing down Newmarket Road.

The East Road roundabout, where the van sped off to the right, going the wrong way (Image: Google)

The driver said: “In 30 years of driving that is the worst bit of driving I have ever seen.

“Once he had clipped us he was doing well in excess of 30, 40 miles per hours, and he just disappeared.

“As soon as I saw he wouldn’t get through that gap my girlfriend burst into tears.”

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The police were notified, and are investigating the incident.

The driver’s car has now been repaired, after sustaining damage to the bodywork and front headlight.

Damage to a car caused by the rogue van driver

He added: “I caught part of the registration, which I gave to police.

“I live near the river, just across the bridge, so I was just five minutes from home.

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“There were so many people around, so many witnesses and a lot of noise before he hit us, so I am rather hopeful there are more reports.”

Anyone with any information, or who witnessed a white van driving erratically on Thursday night, should contact the police on 101.

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