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Farmer finds his two pregnant sheep brutally killed with their throats slit

Someone slit the throats of these two pregnant ewes in Leicestershire (Picture: Harry Plant/Facebook..

By admin , in UK , at February 26, 2018

Farmer finds his two pregnant sheep brutally killed with their throats slit
Someone slit the throats of these two pregnant ewes in Leicestershire (Picture: Harry Plant/Facebook)

A teenage farmer was shocked to find his two pregnant ewes dead with their throats cut.

Harry Plant, 18, went to his field at Avon Valley Farm, Swinford, in Leicestershire on Saturday morning and found the gruesome scene.

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In an emotional post on Facebook which went viral, with over 2,145 shares and 1,000 comments, he uploaded of a photo of the murdered ewes.

He said: ‘So this is what I was greeted by when I went to feed some of my sheep this morning.

‘Two pregnant ewes both carrying triplets have had their throats cut by some sick person.’

Harry Plant with Spot (Picture: Supplied)
Farmer Harry Plant with his sheepdog Spot (Picture: Harry Plant)

The young farmer, who went to Moulton Agricultural College before starting his own business, was distraught someone would try and wreck his fledgling enterprise.

He said: ‘I am 18 years old and trying to build a business and a livelihood and to be greeted by this in the morning sends shivers down my spine to think that a human being could do this to an animal for no reason whatsoever.’

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He added: ‘To the person who has done this, I hope for your sake you don’t return.’

Leicestershire Police were alerted about the crime and anyone with any information is urged to call 101.

Hundreds of people wrote messages of support to Harry underneath his Facebook post.

(Picture: Harry Plant/Facebook)
Harry Plant posted an emotional message on Facebook after finding the dead ewes (Picture: Harry Plant/Facebook)

He told ‘I’ve lot of support from friends and family and Facebook has been very helpful to spread the word.’

Jacqueline Simmonite said: ‘Sick individuals. Hope you can get over this. You are obviously committed to your animals and business. Not all people are are bad and you can see that many are horrified by what has happened. I wish you well for the future.’

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Debbie Boylan added: ‘OMG that’s absolutely barbaric what the hell is wrong with people, I’m embarrassed to be a human.’

On Thursday, three sheep were found mutilated in a field on in Chelmondiston, near Ipswich, Suffolk.

A Suffolk Police spokeswoman said: ‘At some point overnight between Wednesday and Thursday an unknown offender cut the throats of three sheep grazing in a field situated off Berners Lane, before removing the carcasses and leaving them in a small wooded area next to the field where two sheep were also left partially skinned. Two knives were also found nearby.’

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