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Drug dealer ‘vigilante’ shot during Facebook Live

A man reportedly outing suspected drug dealers on social media was shot dead as he filmed himself in..

By admin , in USA , at February 27, 2018

A man reportedly outing suspected drug dealers on social media was shot dead as he filmed himself in a Facebook Live broadcast near a university campus on Monday.

Prentis Robinson captured the fatal moment as he recorded himself using a selfie stick near Wingate University in North Carolina.

The 55-year-old died after four shots were fired.

Police chief Donnie Gay told local media that he had spoken to Mr Robinson minutes before he was shot at about 10am. He said the man had been at the police station reporting a stolen mobile phone.

In his dramatic Facebook broadcast, the victim can be seen walking and talking to his viewers before being approached by someone.

He then addresses the gunman.

"You on Live," Mr Robinson says repeatedly.

Image:The attacker approached Mr Robinson during the live broadcast

The shots are soon fired before the camera falls to the ground, showing the sky and surrounding trees.

Wingate University and Wingate Elementary School were placed in lockdown in the hours after the shooting.

"It's very concerning that just a block away from the police department, that something like this would happen," Mr Gay told reporters.

The New York Daily News reported that the FBI was investigating the killing and the Union County Sheriff's Office was "pursuing leads".

Mr Robinson had ruffled feathers by outing suspected drug dealers, according to broadcaster Fox 46.

The victim's cousin Walter Rorie, 46, described the Mr Robinson as "laid-back" and "friendly to everybody".

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"We don't understand why somebody would want to do this, but that's what they did,” he told the New York Daily News.

Facebook swiftly removed the video and said it would apply a "warning screen" to any future uploads of the video and limit access for under 18s.

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