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Pauline Quirke’s weight loss struggle: ‘I don’t want to be fat anymore’

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By admin , in Women , at March 1, 2018

EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NO MERCHANDISING Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock (6897325cd) Pauline Quirke 'Loose Women' TV show, London, UK – 27 Oct 2016

It’s no secret that actress Pauline Quirke has struggled with her fluctuating weight over the years, famously shedding a jaw-dropping eight stone, before the pounds crept back on.

However, now on the countdown 
to her 60th birthday, Pauline has vowed to overcome her demons once and 
for all – and lose up to four stone to celebrate her milestone year.

An insider close to the star tells Woman, ‘It’s Pauline’s big birthday soon and it’s got her thinking. She’s told family and friends she’s given herself a new benchmark – by summer next year, she’s going to have lost at least four stone.’


According to pals, Pauline, 58, is currently struggling to maintain her size-18 figure and has fallen into a rut of eating fast food on the go due to a hectic schedule. But with the help of a strict new health plan, she aims to slim to a size 14-16.

Our source continues, ‘Pauline has told friends that she’s determined. She knows it won’t be easy, but she wants to show everyone she’s capable of losing big.

‘She’s explained how she’s giving herself a sensible 18-month plan to 
meet her goal. She knows that the weight loss won’t happen overnight, but is determined not to fall off the wagon.’


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Our insider reveals, ‘As she approaches the summer, Pauline’s said she’s going 
to eat more salad and fish and there will be no white pasta, rice and bread as a rule. Instead, she’ll eat wholemeal and 
healthy alternatives.’

Woman understands that Pauline is also cutting out refined sugars and, most importantly, taking things slow, as she knows from experience that losing weight super quickly just doesn’t work in the 
long run.

Our source adds, ‘In Pauline’s opinion, fad diets are designed to make you fail and that’s not an option for her. This time she’s determined not to talk herself out of her plan to eat simple, 
healthy and good food.’


The star’s new health regime will see her swapping her current meals for more nutritious food options.

Our insider reveals, ‘Pauline knows crash diets don’t work. She 
is going to take it week by week, and not use the word diet or step on the scales. Instead, she intends to go by 
how she and her clothes feel.’

She also plans to up her workouts and has described swimming as her ‘ideal exercise’, despite being scared of going to her local swimming pool.


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Of course, a big part of Pauline’s motivation is that she’s only too aware of how her current weight could affect her health.

Having suffered from some 
serious joint problems, including osteoarthritis, Pauline also had 
to have a hip replacement aged 
just 49 – something she has been reminded of in recent months.

Our insider explains, ‘Pauline knows she has serious health risks 
to consider. She’s at a high risk of developing type-2 diabetes and 
she knows that carrying extra 
weight could have a big impact 
on her hips in the future.

‘She’s already undergone 
extensive surgery on her hip in the past and her joints are now under more pressure than they should be, 
so time really is of the essence.’


With a great bunch of people around her, including husband Steve Sheen, the mum-of-two knows she will be encouraged every step of the way.

Our insider says, ‘Pauline’s husband, kids and the rest of her family are always telling her how beautiful and amazing she is, and are all rooting for her and have promised to support her in not giving in.’

On top of that, Pauline is thought to be looking to childhood friend and Birds of a Feather co-star Linda Robson for inspiration after Linda recently dropped two-and-a-half stone.

However, according to friends, 
it’s Pauline’s trademark humour that’ll help her most, through what will inevitably be a tough journey.

‘Pauline always says her humour keeps her going, but she doesn’t want to be described as a “fat, funny woman” any more,’ our source says. ‘Hitting 60 is the start of a brand-new chapter – she is determined to see in her birthday with a new look – what a great way to start a new decade.’

Good luck, Pauline – we know 
you can do it!

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