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The top 10 things brides worry about on their wedding day (and we bet you can relate)

Shot of a sad-looking young bride on her wedding dayhttp://

By admin , in Women , at March 21, 2018

Shot of a sad-looking young bride on her wedding dayhttp://

Your wedding day is one of the most important – and, often, the most stressful – days of your life.

After months or even years of planning, it all comes down to one day – so of course you want it to be perfect.

But there’s plenty that could (and often does) go wrong. So what are brides in 2018 most worried about when it comes to their big day?

According to new research from wedding planning site, it’s fake tan lines, how they’re going to look on Instagram and sozzled guests.

The research, which quizzed to 2,000 brides, found that nearly two thirds (69 per cent) of brides worried about how the official wedding photos would turn out.

While brides also cared more about what they were going to look like and friends using social media, than if they were going to be left at the alter.

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More than one in 10 brides were worried about their tans (13 per cent) and guests uploading images to social media platforms (16 per cent). While only 4 per cent cared if their fella actually turned up or not.

A main factor for brides was their weight too – with over half (59 per cent) caring about how much they weighed on the big day.

Some were panicking about friends and family too – but not if they were going to enjoy the day.

Instead they were concerned about whether their nearest and dearest would embarrass them, with nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of brides thinking that friends and family would drink too much and show them up.

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This being a survey of Brits, the weather was a factor too. Rain and clouds ruining the big day was a worry, with 57 per cent of brides admitting they cared about what the weather might do on their special day.

“Every bride wants their wedding day to be perfect. Although it’s easy to get caught up worrying about your weight or the weather, it’s important to remember why you’re having a wedding in the first place,” says Sarah Allard, editor of

“Once the day arrives, you’ll be having too much fun with your new husband or wife and family and friends to notice a bit of drizzle or if your hair is out of place!”

The top 10 biggest bridal worries according to

1. The way they’ll look in photos (69 per cent)

2. Their weight (59 per cent)

3. The weather (57 per cent)

4. Saving enough for the day (53 per cent)

5. Their hair and make-up (50 per cent)

6. Blowing their budget / Being centre of attention (45 per cent)

7. Paying for deposits / Walking down the aisle (39 per cent)

8. Feeling stressed / Their guests having fun (38 per cent)

9. Upsetting uninvited friends (37%)

10. Their bridesmaids being comfortable in their dresses (36 per cent)

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Words: Sarah Finley

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