HSBC and Phase Eight are topping the still-incomplete gender pay gap list

With time running out for businesses to publish their gender pay gap figures, only 3,732 of around 9,000 have actually managed to publicly crunch the numbers.

Measures introduced last year mean any UK organisation that has 250 or more employees must publish and report specific figures about its gender pay gap.

The deadline for public sector organisations is in exactly a week's time, while businesses and charities have an added five days.

Currently, women's clothing company Phase Eight and HSBC are topping the list of household names with the largest gender pay gap. Women's pay at Phase Eight is a staggering 64.8 per cent lower by mean average and 54.5 per cent lower by median, even though 90.3 per cent of people in the top quartile of pay are women.

According to the company, this is because the large number of predominantly female lower-paid store staff bring the average female pay down.

Meanwhile at HSBC, the mean pay difference is 59 per cent lower for women while the median is 29 per cent lower. Of the top quartile by pay, 66 per cent were men.

Tui, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are also among some of the biggest gender pay gap offenders.

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