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Traffic brought to a halt on A14 after ‘several vehicles’ involved in crash

A crash involving “several vehicles” brought the A14 to a complete standstill this evening (March 27..

By admin , in Cambridge , at March 27, 2018

A crash involving “several vehicles” brought the A14 to a complete standstill this evening (March 27) as emergency services, including the air ambulance, raced to the scene.

A lorry and a tipper truck are reported to be among the vehicles involved in the crash at junction 31 of the A14. The crash brought traffic on the westbound carriageway to a crawl. Traffic into Cambridge has also been hit with long delays as drivers attempt to avoid the restrictions still in place on the A14.

Insp Jamie Rice of Cambridgeshire Constabulary said: “We are there at the moment. Several vehicles are involved.

Here's one of the vehicles involved (Image: BCH road policing unit)

“There dont appear to be any serious injuries. We are trying to sort out the recovery of the vehicles. One lane is blocked, but it is not completely shut. We are hoping to get traffic flowing soon.”

There are also reports that a motorcyclist may have been involved in the crash.

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Cambourne resident Tom Girling said: “Emergency services on scene but looks like it could take a while to deal with. Traffic backed up from all directions right now. Fire service, ambulance and police all on scene.

The air ambulance helicopter at the side of the A14 (Image: Oli Matthews)

“There is, I believe, one casualty being treated at the side of the road and its a motorcyclist. The crash is a small lorry, a motorbike and a truck from what I can see. Not sure of his injuries so will not speculate at this but CPR is being given to the casualty. Hoping everyone is ok though.”

At 6.50pm it was confirmed that all lanes had reopened and traffic was beginning to ease. Long delays are still expected in and around the area.