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Stacey Solomon hits back after she debuts bizarre new hair transformation on Loose Women

Stacey Solomon on Loose Women, January 8 2018
Its another day on Loose Women and, once again, viewe..

By admin , in Women , at April 1, 2018

Stacey Solomon on Loose Women, January 8 2018

Its another day on Loose Women and, once again, viewers have been left divided – this time by Stacey Solomons shock new hair.

Long gone was her messy blonde bob – this time she was sporting what looked like a full on 80s perm…

And Twitter wasnt convinced these tight curls suited the mum-of-two.

Viewers of the daytime ITV show flooded the social media platform with comments such as:

Why Stacey Solomon done her hair up like Catherine Tate proud Irish Mum today! "He's a gay man now" ??? #LooseWomen

— woeful will (@bobbygee80) March 29, 2018

Whats happened to Stacey Solomons hair ?#LooseWomen looks like shes been electrified

— Paula Yeates (@pazzypants1970) March 29, 2018

What have they done to Stacey Solomons hair? ??♀? Ages her! #LooseWomen

— Charl — (@charlcat112) March 29, 2018

What has Stacey Solomon done to her hair??!! Im all for a curl, but the finger in a socket look, with black scalp, is perhaps not the best look?? #LooseWomen

— Jenny Pepper (@jhpepp) March 29, 2018

I see Stacey Solomon has gone for the medusa look today on #LooseWomen ??

— Andrew Turner (@andy1t72) March 29, 2018

Stacey Solomon has obviously been watching the Assassination of Gianni Versace and shes channeling her inner Medusa #LooseWomen

— Eileen M Cumiskey (@cumiskey55) March 29, 2018

Has someone poured a pot noodle over Stacey Solomons head? #LooseWomen

— Luke (@mrlukeyc) March 29, 2018

Oh, poor Stacey. Medusa was evil. Her hair was made up of venomous snakes and whoever looked at her turned to stone.

Thank goodness Stacey isnt Medusa! What on earth would ITV do with three stone statues of Nadia Sawalha, Jane Moore and Christine McGuinness?

Thankfully, while the majority werent convinced with Staceys new look. Others thought it suited her…

Only @StaceySolomon could pull off the curly hair. Channelling her inner Frenchie from grease. Id look like a bloody poodle. ???♀

— Laura (@lau_lau87) March 29, 2018

She looks great. Fun hair @StaceySolomon suits your personality

— jackie (@jackslegg) March 29, 2018

@StaceySolomon LOVE your hair today, wig or not it looks fabulous ?

— Vashti Surya-Harrell (@VashtiSH) March 29, 2018

The 28-year-old took to Instagram to chat about her new look and by the sound of it, totally LOVED the tight curls.

Talking to the camera while getting her hair and make-up done Stacey giggled as she said: “Today I am channeling my inner Baby from Dirty Dancing, slash, Nadia Sawalha, slash, Chloe Lewis. And I LOVE it! See how this hair…I dunno. Just see this hair! Just see THIS hair ,” she ended the video almost in hysterics over her new look.

She then hit back at critics via Instagram, saying she doesnt care what people thought of it…

Curls just wanna have fun ? decided channel my inner @nadiaandkaye and Baby on @loosewomen today and I Loved It! Hid my roots brilliantly! And for anyone who was offended by my curly hair (I noticed a few)… Im not sorry… #nobodyputsbabyinthecorner ———————————————- Hair and Makeup @penelopejanesmith —— Styling @mothershoppers

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Its not the first time this month that Stacey has left fans divided. The former X Factor star came under fire when she admitted she made the decision to take her boys Zachary, 10, and Leighton, 5, out of mainstream education and start homeschooling them instead back in September after becoming concerned about Zacharys changing personality.

“There are so many things I think are imperative to my childrens learning that just arent a part of the curriculum and lots of things I PERSONALLY dont think are necessary on there,” the Loose Women star explains in her Fabulous magazine column. “So we decided to homeschool and our adventure began.”

Good on you Stacey, do whats right for your kids.

As for that hair…we think you still look gorgeous!

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