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Anglia Ruskin student chased her neighbour down the street with an 8-inch knife and a saucepan

A fight over a borrowed pot lead to an Anglia Ruskin student chasing another down a street wielding ..

By admin , in Cambridge , at April 14, 2018

A fight over a borrowed pot lead to an Anglia Ruskin student chasing another down a street wielding a saucepan and an eight-inch kitchen knife.

Today (April 13) Obile Sampson-Ichendu, 19, admitted threatening Cynthia Uche, 20, with the sharp weapon.

The two girls had to be separated by a student accommodation caretaker after a fight broke out between them.

'Bad blood'

Bad blood had developed between the students in a disagreement apparently stemming from Sampson-Ichendu borrowing a pot off Uche.

Cynthia Uche outside Cambridge Magistrates' Court

Prosecutor Paul Brown told magistrates the incident began at around 9.45pm on March 28.

Uche had turned up to speak to the caretaker Morrison Kirk at Aston House, part of the CB1 development near Cambridge Station.

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CB1 development

The student lied to Mr Morrison that she had been locked out of her own accomodation.

The caretaker lead Uche up several floors of Bragg House, the building in which Sampson-Ichendu lives, and past her flat.

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'Girls tussling with each other'

"Instead of following him Miss Uche ran into the door and locked it behind her," Mr Brown explained. "He heard a lot of shouting and screaming inside."

Using his master key Mr Morrisson let himself into the flat to discover the girls tussling with each other.

"He sees both of them fighting on the floor," Mr Brown said. "He pulls them apart and gets Miss Uche to leave the flat and escorts her out the building.

Obile Sampson-Ichendu

Mr Brown continued: "After a couple of minutes Miss Sampson-Ichendu has gone running out of the flat with a knife and saucepan.

"She is very angry and making serious threats to Miss Uche."

'Uche reappears for a second time'

Mr Kirk was then forced to intervene again, grabbing Sampson-Ichendu and forcing her arm carrying the knife against a wall.

"He successfully calms her down and returns her back to the flat," Mr Brown said. "She still has the knife and saucepan."

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Sampson-Ichendu and some friends begin to walk off before reappearing for a second time with her weapons.

"She is very angry still, trying to past Mr Kirk," Mr Brown said. "And kept lunging with the knife and making a stabbing motion to Miss Uche."

Mr Kirk again intervened and managed to get the knife off Sampson-Ichendu which was given to police.

"I don't know what happened to the saucepan," added Mr Brown.

The incident took place in student accommodation near Cambridge Station (Image: Google)

'Talking a lot of smack behind her back'

The prosecutor told the court that the Sampson-Ichendu later explained the row was all over a pot she had borrowed from Uche.

The girls had fallen out about three weeks prior to the incident and could not be reconciled despite a mutual friend trying to intervene.

It is not known what sort of pot caused the pair to fall out (Image: Getty)

"Miss Uche insisted she returned this pot in person because she had been talking a lot of smack behind her back," Mr Brown said.

She told police that she had been shocked to see Uche turn up in her room.

"She wanted to get at Uche she admits," Mr Brown said. "She accepts she was no longer acting in self defence.

"She says she had acted out of character by picking up the knife and going out after her.

"She says she didn't intend to harm her it was just to scare her off."

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Mr Brown added: "I don't think it can get more serious. You've got a serious weapon, you've got a use to threaten.

"There's also the security officer who put himself in harms way."

Sampson-Ichendu, who has no previous convictions, pleaded guilty to possessing a knife in a public place and to unlawfully threatening someone with it causing a risk of harm.

She will be sentenced at Cambridge Crown Court at a later date.


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