So naughty! Holly Willoughby shocks Celebrity Juice viewers with X-rated answers in saucy game

Holly Willoughby on Celebrity Juice, 12 April 2018

Holly Willoughby has caused a stir after coming out with some very explicit answers during a saucy game on Celebrity Juice.

The presenter took part in a segment called the Five Second Fool, during which she had to sit in a spinning chair whilst responding to host Keith Lemons cheeky questions.

Holly had to give three answers within five seconds to each question and tried to keep it clean to begin with when Keith asked: “Three different things you like in your mouth?”

“I like chocolate, and I like fruit, and I like wine,” the 37-year-old replied.

But things took a more X-rated turn when Holly turned the air blue after Keith posed the question: “Three things you wouldnt put in your anus?”

The mum-of-three cheekily fired back: “Your kn*b, a butt plug, and a carrot!”

Hollys comments caused the studio audience to burst into laughter and many viewers at home were left stunned by the remarks.

“how on earth does this show get aired?! So naughty and very wrong,” one fan posted on social media, whilst another said: “Love @hollywills effort to give clean answers”

Meanwhile one joked about her efforts to keep it clean: “Holly just give up #celebrityjuice”

And another said of the programme: “Disgusting but very funny”

Others werent so impressed with Holly for taking part in the naughty game though, with one viewer tweeting: “I adore you on @thismorning not so on Celeb Juice. Love the more sophisticated, professional lady I watch in the morning”

Throughout the rest of the segment Holly tried to give less filthy answers and, when quizzed on what shed let Keith do to her on TV, replied: “Talk to me, look at me and tell me its the end of the night and off you go!”

Holly – who has been a team captain on Celebrity Juice since the show first aired in 2008 – will be on more professional form next week as shes set to return to This Morning after the Easter break.

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