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You can now dissect a realistic ‘human body’ after dinner and drinks in Cambridge

An event coming to Cambridge gives you the chance to dissect a replica human body after dinner and d..

By admin , in Cambridge , at April 17, 2018

An event coming to Cambridge gives you the chance to dissect a replica human body after dinner and drinks.

The Anatomy Lab Live evening is set to take place at the DoubleTree Hilton in Mill Lane on March 3 next year.

Attendees will enjoy a slap-up meal before being plunged into an emergency operating theatre. They will witness a patient being anaesthetised in a state of panic, and watch on as human anatomist Samuel Piri conducts surgery on the patient's internal organs.

As well as the silicon cadaver, multiple stations will be placed around the hotel and on diners tables.

Each table will also be covered in surgical drapes, and guests will also don a surgeons gown, hat, mask, and gloves, as well as being provided with real surgical tools for the dissection.

Participants dissect various pig organs

Anatomy Lab Live has already run a more limited tour, but the upcoming tour will be the first to visit Cambridge.

Mr Piri said: “Weve worked hard to respond to everybodys feedback and requests and The Surgery is definitely going to be exciting.”

Next years event also features amputation, surgical stitching, and the chance to have a go at corrective surgical procedures on major organs such as the brain, heat, and digestive tract.

The organs themselves are obtained from pigs, which according to the organisers "give a like for like feel due to their anatomical similarity to humans".

Whilst the event is primarily aimed at anatomy, physiology, and pathology students, anyone with an interest in the human body, disease, or medicine as a whole is welcome to attend.

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The event also aims to ensure people understand and take ownership of their own health, whilst explaining how diseases, such as meningitis and strokes, affect the body.

Mr Piri said: “Were really excited to be back with the surgery tour in 2019. [Its] a perfect blend of infotainment that will promise and unforgettable night like never before. We urge you to get your tickets as soon as possible as the last two tours have sold out within a few days!”

Anatomy Lab Live has been fully licenced by the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs DEFRA.

Tickets are currently on sale at, with discounts available for university students and NHS employees.