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NHS needs ‘£50bn extra by 2030’

The NHS needs £50bn more by 2030 in England, a former health minister and leading surgeon says.


By admin , in Health , at April 26, 2018

The NHS needs £50bn more by 2030 in England, a former health minister and leading surgeon says.

The prediction, by Labour's Lord Darzi, comes after Prime Minister Theresa May said the government planned to devise a long-term funding plan for the health service.

There is speculation this will be unveiled during the 70th anniversary of the creation of the NHS in July.

Lord Darzi's report has been supported by both Tory and Lib Dem politicians.

It said the extra funding was in line with what the NHS had traditionally received – just under 4% extra a year.

The analysis said this was needed to help cope with the ageing population, advances in technology and inflation.

It also noted that the NHS was struggling to hit key targets, such as the four-hour mark for accident and emergency treatment.

The report said it would mean the NHS budget would grow to £173bn by 2030 to get back on track – and this would require significant improvements in productivity.

If this increase in efficiency was not achieved, the bill would top £200bn.

And it recommended another £10bn for social care was needed.

All the extra funds should come from taxation, the report said, not social or private insurance.

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It comes 10 years after Lord Darzi produced an influential report for the then Labour government.

The latest review also involved Lord Prior, a former Conservative Health Minister, and Lib Dem MP Norman Lamb.

Lord Darzi, who is a world-renowned surgeon, said the extra money was needed as it was getting "harder and harder" to access care.

"While the prospect of a long-term funding settlement is welcome, it is vital that it delivers enough money to meet the demands of the decade ahead," he added.

The politicians were supported by the Institute for Public Policy Research in carrying out the analysis.

IPPR director Tom Kibasi said: "The NHS provides high quality care – it is a service that we should be proud to invest in."

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