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Your paranormal experiences in Cambridgeshire could star in a new ghost hunter show

Spooky tales from across Cambridgeshire are to be re-enacted for a new online show.

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By admin , in Cambridge , at May 7, 2018

Spooky tales from across Cambridgeshire are to be re-enacted for a new online show.

Cambridge ghost hunters want people to share their paranormal experiences for the Youtube-based programme.

Ghost Stories UK will feature interviewees sharing their hair-raising memories which will be reconstructed by actors.

The people behind the project bill themselves as a "professional paranormal investigation team" who travel the length of the UK to probe eerie events.

Craig Jones during an investigation of the paranormal (Image: Cambridge Ghost Hunters)

Its 26-year-old leader Craig Jones told the News that anyone could contact the Cambridge Ghost Hunters to share their stories.

"There are so many people who have paranormal experiences," he said.

"They might not share them because they think people won't believe them so we're trying to open that up."

"We're trying to bring together as many people as we can. Now is the chance to let your story out. Hopefully it will encourage a lot more people to come forward."

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Inspired by a paranormal experience in childhood, Craig has been running the ghost hunting team for the past five years.

He previously told the News about their efforts to investigate haunted estates, museums and homes around the country.

The group has taken out a five million pound liability insurance policy as hunters have been known to get scratched, burned and some have even passed out during the investigation.

The ghost hunters once investigated evil spirits at the Stretham Museum (Image: Cambridge Ghost Hunters)

In an example video of their new programme posted to Youtube, ghost hunter Emma Read describes an unsettling experience from her childhood.

Emma had dozed off in front of the TV one night when she was woken by a cold breeze and found the TV had turned to static.

As she went to bed but was left terrified by a sudden bang in the kitchen. She went back downstairs and found cupboard doors open and chairs tipped over in the kitchen.

"I went ot bed and tried to get some sleep," she explained.

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"I was woken later when I heard whispering in the room.

"I sat up and I saw a dark figure in the corner. At this point I screamed. I was terrified.

"I rushed out of house and went to the neighbours. I stayed there that night. I didn't want to go back in the house.

"I spoke to my mother later and she told me never to go back in the house and I never have."

Ghost Stories UK will initially focus on Cambridgeshire-based tales, with ambitions to expand to other parts of the UK in the future.

People interested in sharing their paranormal experiences can contact Cambridge Ghost Hunters on their Facebook page or email: [email protected]