Youths are dicing with death climbing on roofs

Police have been called to two incidents in Cambridgeshire involving thrill-seeking youths scaling roofs.

In the most recent incident officers received a report of teenagers seen climbing on the roof of an empty building on Ramsey High Street.

They were spotted shortly after 7pm yesterday (May 17).

A police spokesman said: "The group of about five boys were seen pulling off tiles and throwing them to the ground, police said. However, all was quiet when a police patrol arrived about 15 minutes later."

More youths on roofs

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Over in RAF Upwood police received a report of a group of about five teenagers seen climbing on the roof of a derelict building on the disused site.

The incident happened at just before 7pm on Sunday, May 13.

A police spokesman said: "A police patrol was quickly at the scene and searched the area. Initially no-one was found but then a group of six young people was found walking around the site, and instructed to leave. "

History of youths on roofs

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Youths on roofs

It's not the first time daredevil youngsters were reported to police for climbing on roofs at the site – and even skateboarding on the roof of buildings at the former RAF airfield.

Police were called to RAF Upwood following another report of trespassers in September last year

A force spokesman said at the time: “A group of young people had been seen skateboarding on the roof of one of the derelict buildings, however when officers arrived and searched the area, all was quiet.”

And last May a gang of out-of-town youths were “spoken to severely” by police after climbing on the roofs of the derelict airfield.

Officers are repeatedly called to the site for people scaling roofs.

The former Second World War bomber base was most recently operated by the United States Air Force as an offshoot from nearby RAF Alconbury but has been disused for some time.

Much of the base has since been a target for vandalism and theft, with many of the buildings now derelict.

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