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Warning: Speculation about possible spoilers for Star Wars: Episode IX and spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi ahead.

Think you've dissected and discussed every Easter egg and hidden clue in Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Maybe not.

On Sunday, Reddit user egoshoppe posted a GIF comparing Rey's (Daisy Ridley) lightsaber training with Kylo Ren's (Adam Driver) final battle with Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill). While the two characters don't exactly mirror each other's lightsaber moves, their fights are similar enough to start fans buzzing that the parallels could be intentional.

Not everyone thought it meant something.

"They had the same instructor," wrote Reddit user lurking_digger. "Too bad we didn't see Snope fight, we'd be able to spot the differences."

But a user going by the awesome name CaptainBatpants disagreed, writing, "Luke didn't teach Rey to fight or swing a lightsaber at all before that scene, if ever."

If this was an intentional move by director Rian Johnson, and not simply the result of the two actors having the same stage-combat teacher on set, does the similarity mean that Kylo and Rey have some kind of connection that's yet to be fully explained? You know fans' minds went there. And this being Star Wars, there were naturally some who think a lightsaber battle is just a lightsaber battle. Others, knowing how interwoven Star Wars characters can be, disagreed.

"Someone choreographs those fights…it literally can't NOT be intentional," wrote @JohnDellaporta. "Remarkable choice to do!

My favorite thing about this is the people trying to be like "BUT THIS DOESN'T EVEN MEAN ANYTHING"

Yeah, foreshadowing is meaningless guys. you nailed it.

— LittleKuriboh (@yugiohtas) July 2, 2018

B-but… Chekhov's Gun, you guys

— Sorcerer Lance @ Anthrocon (@SorcererLance) July 2, 2018

@billisondavid If this was intentional, which I'm sure it probably was, that's fucking cool

— B.Johnson's?eye?ANTs? (@budakai93) July 2, 2018

Someone choreographs those fights…it literally can't NOT be intentional. Remarkable choice to do!

— John 11/6/2018 (@JohnDellaporta) July 2, 2018

Absolutely, the synch-up is the choreographer making a choice… they are telling a story as well, through actions rather than dialogue. This is brilliant.

— Bridgit Connell (@bridgitconnell) July 2, 2018

Cant help but theorise why their moves are the same in the film. Could it be something to do with that force connection they share? Like they learn from each other, or more so Rey from Kylo? It would explain why they fight so in synch together.

— B.Johnson's?eye?ANTs? (@budakai93) July 2, 2018

And naturally, some fans are wondering if the Kylo-Rey connection goes beyond simple fight skills.

"Could they be related?" wrote Landry Sanders, asking a question that will continue to be posed by many until Star Wars: Episode IX comes out in December 2019. "The films are about the Skywalker saga how does she fit into the Skywalker family?"

Could they be related the films are about the Skywalker saga how does she fit into the Skywalker family.

— Landry Sanders (@SkyNerdStudios) July 3, 2018

And that shows how strong is their connection even in TFA.. Kylo was always her "teacher" even though he may never realise it.

— elinadb (@elinadima14) July 2, 2018

even better: it shows that both Rey and Ben were trained by Luke because of their similar fighting styles. OR! Rey picked up Bens style through their Force Link. fucking stellar both ways you put it

— nick, (@trophy_uncle) July 3, 2018

But of course, all this fevered speculation could be for naught. "I love the idea of this being foreshadowing," tweeted Jason Madison. "It's also possible the stunt choreographer only taught them one sword combination."

I love the idea of this being foreshadowing. Its also possible the stunt choreographer only taught them one sword combination

— Jason Madison (@jas_madison) July 3, 2018

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