Jane McDonalds plans for TV show to rival Loose Women

Jane McDonald couldnt be more 
successful right now if she tried.

Having recently stunned TV bigwigs by winning a BAFTA for Cruising with Jane McDonald, shes about to launch another glitzy Channel 5 show Jane McDonald & Friends.

Recently the former panellist even teased plans 
to launch a show to rival Loose Women, following the return of Denise Welch and Carol McGiffin. When asked about it, Jane laughed and responded coyly, 
I couldnt possibly comment!

As Woman sits down with the 55-year-old singer, she tells us of her laugh-a-minute life at home with Eddie Rothe, who shes been engaged to for seven years, and why 
she thinks they deserve 
their own show…

I still squeak when people say BAFTA, 
I cant believe it. Its amazing, isnt it? 
I dont know how we get away with Cruising personally, because its just me on me holidays, having a brilliant time, but it just seems to work, and seems to have its own little following now – its 
run away with itself.

Im usually glamorous all the time! 
I even have to put lipstick on to go to the bins. I cant be in my trackies, Im not very good at being underdressed. I like to slob out but its not in my make-up at all.

A cruise would be Eddies idea of hell, hes just like, “No, you go off and do your thing and Ill watch it when you get back.” 
I Skype and FaceTime him, but he knows Im up at six in the morning and probably filming until 10 at night, and then when I get back to my cabin, Im dead to the world, so it would be pointless him being there anyway. But my time with Ed is very, very private time and special time, so there are no cameras!

The secret to a happy relationship? Laughter, 
and liking each other. Im very blessed 
to have Eddie. He is a brilliant chef, he keeps me on the straight and narrow, 
and hes just the perfect partner, 
I couldnt wish for anyone better in 
my life. I am very lucky!

We both want to get married at some point but we are very, very happy, so its not the be all and end all for us to get married right now. There will be a time when we know that its right, but were 
a bit busy for the next couple of years, 
so it wont be soon.
Were like a romcom – the cameras should film us because hes hilarious. Hes one of the funniest people I know and every day he makes me laugh out loud with something he does and says.

Im not so hung up on how I look anymore. When you get to a certain age, you dont care like you do when youre in your 20s or 30s, youre just glad to be alive. If youve got your health, thats the main thing. Its like, Ive got bingo wings, so what? People my age do.

Im not 100% sugar-free now but Im about 80/20. I do that diet for the energy rather than the weight loss. I literally have 12-hour days and I dont stop. If 
you look after your body and fuel it well, itll look after you.

Its hard on the cruises and martinis are my biggest downfall, and wine. But this is a holiday programme. You dont usually stay on a diet if youre on holiday, but I do taste a lot of things and dont finish them. I dont deprive myself. I have to watch what Im doing all the time because Im on 11 cruises a year, so I do have to be careful, but its great fun.

My new show Jane McDonald & Friends is spectacular. Everybody can watch it, and 
if youre feeling a bit down 
and want uplifting, youre guaranteed to smile through it. But you also need tissues as its quite emotional in places as well. Even I have to have tissues, I join in and have a cry with everybody.

✱ Jane McDonald & Friends is on Channel 5

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