Budweiser overtakes Foster’s to become one of Britain’s biggest beer brands


SECOND BEST: Only Stella Artois sells more beer in Britain than Budweiser

Research shows that sales of the US brand – the official beer of the World Cup – are soaring.

Trade analysts Nielsen say supermarket sales of Bud have surged by £17.5million to £381.7m during the past year.

Spin-off brands Bud Light and alcoholfree Prohibition Brew have pulled in £30.5m extra, taking the total to £418.4m.

Owner AB InBev credits a large portion of Budweisers recent success to its focus on football and the lucrative World Cup sponsorship.

By contrast, sales of Aussie rival Fosters have plummeted 11% to £354.2m over the same period.

Fosters has lost £31.8m sales of its standard lager while its Gold variety has slumped by £11.4m.

Budweisers UK marketing manager Rowan Chidgey hailed the soaring sales as “phenomenal”, and continued:

“Its performance has been driven by its affiliation to key sporting events and cultural moments this year.

This switch means AB InBev now owns Britains two biggest beer brands.

Stella Artois remain on top with £523.9million in value sales.

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